Northern Irish Premium liquor supplier, Drinksology have been busy working on delivering some super cool new products both in the form of drinks and in the form of functional and beautiful bar equipment.

The Belfast-based company who also have an office in Dublin, supply some of the best quality drinks brands around Ireland. They supply the full range of beers, wines etc but they specialise in the spirits sector where they supply premium Irish and international spirits to the bar and restaurant trade but they have carved out a real niche in the premium cocktail ingredients and equipment market. The drinks business of the company is sister to DRINKSOLOGY® Creative which is their award-winning design, branding and marketing bureau specialising in the world of drinks where they’ve created artwork for some amazing drinks brands such as Kracken Rum, Clever Man beers, Jawbox Irish Gin, Dubliner Whiskey. They’ve also worked with Northern Irish cocktail superstar Sean Muldoon to create beautiful and useful products for use in serious cocktail bars around the world.

One of their smartest pieces of equipment is their beautiful Ice Ball Maker which adds some theatre for customers while watching their drink being created at the bar. The Ice Ball Maker creates a 75mm diameter ice ball that is the perfect serve in a double old fashioned whisk(e)y glass. Ideal for the spirit connoisseur who prefers multiple servings with the same ice and the benefit of a colder drink with less dilution. The theatre of the serve is another key element of the Drinksology Ice Ball Maker making it the perfect partner for both the professional back bar or for the home user. The Ice Ball Maker is food safe and works off a premise of weight and heat to mould a block of ice into a perfect ice ball. The full kit contains the ice ball maker, an ice ball drip tray and an ice ball serving tray and each item is sold individually to allow you to tailor your kit to your needs. The Ice Ball Maker uses good mechanical design and simple physics meaning that no electrical source is required.

Click on the video and be mesmerised by the realtime video of a perfect ice ball being made in less than a minute.

Or go to their website for more info.