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27 07, 2010

1 Simple Way to Measure the Success of Your Bar

If you’re not measuring, you’re not managing. This old adage is the first thing I learned as a trainee hotel manager. The same is true now for any business. If you want to measure the success of your bar or restaurant, then this simple method that I came across in Washington DC last weekend will help you out. Watch the video.

20 07, 2010

The 2 fastest-growing menu items over the last five years

A survey released by the marketing firm NPD Group shows that over the past five years, breakfast accounted for 60% of the U.S. restaurant industry traffic growth and continues to be a bright spot. In fact the two menu items that had the biggest growth are both items that bars could easily offer, even if not serving food presently: coffee and breakfast sandwiches. From February 2005 through February 2010, servings of specialty coffee and breakfast sandwiches grew twice as fast as the industry. Is this an area that you could get into? If you open your bar early in the morning or at a time that could be deemed “breakfast time”, then you need to introduce promotions to capitalize on this trend. Make sure you do your calculations correctly when it comes to pricing in your establishment, but both of [...]

20 07, 2010

Bar owner defends CCTV in toilets

Do you have cameras installed in your bar or restaurant? most probably. In fact, if you don’t, you’re leaving yourself wide open for theft and fraudulent insurance claims. But when does enough become enough? Do you install cameras in your toilets? Well, the owners of a new bar in Basingstoke in the UK have defended their decision to install a CCTV camera in the men’s toilets. A customer complained to a local newspaper after spotting the camera in the toilet at Pure Lounge Bar but Ernie Phelps, the bar’s general manager and one of the owners, said the camera was necessary because of vandalism. He said in the first week of operation, customers snapped off an expensive sink tap in the gent’s lavatories. He explained: “We have got one camera facing the sink, nowhere else. It’s to try to stop [...]

20 07, 2010

Stay on for the Oyster Festival!

We've written about how Arthur's Day would be a special add-on for the lucky pub owners and managers attending the first annual Irish Pubs Global conference in Galway from 21 to 23rd September. But of course, this is Galway, where the festive fun never ends - so Arthur's Day isn't the only special event to enjoy while you're at the conference. Galway's Oyster Festival will be on the weekend after the conference - the festival has been bringing oyster lovers to Galway since 1953, when the manager of the Great Southern Hotel (now The Meyrick) decided to liven up his post-summer tourist business by celebrating the opening of the oyster season. Today, the Galway Oyster Festival is one of the highlights of Galway's crowded festival season. The festival this year starts on Thursday, 22 September with the Guinness Irish Oyster [...]

8 07, 2010

Come for our conference, stay for a pint!

Arthur's Day will be back this year - and of course it nicely coincides with the first annual Irish Pubs Global Conference. For anyone who was under a rock last September, Arthur's Day is the global celebration celebrating the anniversary of the Guinness Brewing Company. It was first held last year, celebrating the quarter-millennial mark of the company, which was founded in 1759 - yep, the 250th anniversary! It was a marvellous day that packed the pubs from Dublin to New York to Lagos to Kuala Lumpur. Along with numerous musical acts, the highlight was raising a pint at 17:59 - "To Arthur!" resounded all over Ireland and rippled throughout the world. It was just like this: And this year it's happening again. Sure it's the 251st anniversary, but who's going to let the lack of a nice [...]

7 07, 2010

Join us in Ireland for our conference!

Our conference brochures are going out this week, and we're hard at work putting the finishing touches on the organising. The world's first convention of Irish bar owners and managers from around the world will be held on 21-23 September, in the Galway Bay Hotel, and we hope you'll join us. We've got a great lineup planned - we're looking forward to a few days of great business tips, networking with owners and suppliers, and of course a bit of fun on the side, with great food and drink, and even a golfing tournament. And of course we've got the timing right: the event coincides with the Arthur's Day, so at the end we'll surely all be lifting a pint to toast Arthur Guinness, and if you can stay on for an extra couple of days you can enjoy the [...]