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30 06, 2011

Best Irish Pubs in the USA – from

Here is a recent list of the best Irish Pubs in USA, according to  Culhane's Irish Pub, a memeber of Irish Pubs Global gets an honorable mention!  Congratulations to the Culhane sisters! Best Irish Pubs in the USA The Plough and Stars - Cambridge, MA As they would say in Ireland, this place is brilliant. During the day and early evening, the Plough is home to an eclectic mix of interesting Cambridge types in need of refreshments. The Plough & Stars may be tiny, but by night is one of the more popular and crowded bars in the neighborhood. Awarded the Best of Boston for The Best Bar & Irish Pub, The Plough & Stars is the oldest Irish pub in the Boston area. Paddy Reillys - New York, NY Paddy Reilly's is the first and only all-draft Guinness [...]

13 06, 2011

Whiskey centre revamp

(Irish Times) THE TULLAMORE Dew Heritage Centre is to be upgraded by the company’s new owner, William Grant and Sons, as part of its ambition to make it a major tourist attraction in the Midlands. The original centre was opened in the old bonded distillery warehouse in 2000 as a joint venture between C&C (then brand owners), Fáilte Ireland and others. William Grant and Sons say the new centre will include state-of-the-art facilities with an interactive Tullamore Dew history, a whiskey tour and expert tasting sessions. The company hopes that the revamped centre will open in time for next year and attract around 40,000 visitors a year. Tullamore Dew is the second largest selling Irish whiskey in the world – shifting 8.35 million bottles last year. The brand was acquired by William Grant and Sons in 2010 and is one [...]

12 06, 2011

IP Global Recruitment

The Six O'Clock news in Ireland had an important piece about Irish Pub owners in the United States looking for qualified Irish staff. You can view the video through the link below - just watch from 13mins 45seconds. Remember, we're here to help pub owners find the right people to work in their pubs - just contact us at and visit We also want to help anyone in Ireland interested in finding work in United States and elsewhere.  We've built great relationships with key Irish Pub owners and we can recommend an excellent immigration attorney who can help you through the process of securing the appropriate visa for the U.S. Please feel free to forward this mail to anyone you think may be interested in availing of our recruitment services. View the news item here, the piece is at 13mins 45secs: [...]

9 06, 2011

Can pub quizzes survive in the smartphone era?

Source: As pub closures increase, landlords are turning to traditional tools to attract trade, with giant chain Punch launching a national pub quiz to lure customers back. But since many quizzers have smartphones in their pockets, naming Mali's capital is less of a challenge than it once was. Question-setter Alan Connor looks at how to Google-proof a quiz. Text-messaging Is Destroying the Pub Quiz As We Know It, noted the Super Furry Animals in 2001. Little did they know that the pub quiz of 2011 would start with the host insisting: "OK, iPhones away, please. Yes, very clever - and Androids. All phones away." Cheating has always been possible in pub quizzes. But while once the dishonest quizzer had to pop out to phone a friend, or wait for a text message reply, phones with fast internet access have [...]

2 06, 2011

Irish pubs for dummies – a lesson in decorum

From, written by Conn Corrigan The pub is the center of the social universe in Ireland. It's much more than just a drinking place - it's where families mark births, deaths, birthdays and Christenings,  and where sports fans come to cheer on their teams. Many an Irish couple first met one another in the pub. When tourists come to Ireland, they often spend a lot of their time in pubs - so the possibilities for pub etiquette misunderstandings are endless. There are a number of practices to be aware of. With this in mind, Irish Central has come up with a guide to pub etiquette, to help avoid red faces all round! Rounds Culture If you're out with Irish people in Ireland, you'll certainly be offered a drink as one person usually goes to the bar for everyone. This [...]