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4 12, 2012

5 Holiday Events at your Irish Pub

5 HOLIDAY EVENTS AT YOUR IRISH PUB   Christmas is a fruitful time where customers are ready to enjoy themselves at an Irish Pub. We have five tips to ensure more customer’s come through your doors this season. 1. Capture the Moment: Quigley’s Irish Pub is capitalizing on the festive season by a relatively inexpensive attraction. They offer photos with Santa and an Elf—or really a leprechaun—in their venue. This draws in families and friends of all ages, who often get a bite to eat while waiting for their photos.  Offering an incentive for customers to come in during a certain time can be matched with a special menu or snacks. 2. Celebrate New Year’s Get punter’s into your pub early—why wait until midnight to celebrate New Year’s? Do a countdown for a New Year’s Eve Celebration Dublin Time at [...]

20 11, 2012

Politics and the Pub

With the US Presidential election two weeks behind us, you would think you had heard the last of politics for a while. This was not the case for patrons of Baltimore’s James Joyce pub and Kells Irish Pub in Seattle, writes Dara McCarthy.Public houses have always been associated with politics particularly in Ireland and among the Irish diaspora. For years it was the place where dissenting opinions were voiced, arguments started or finished and where people went to feel a sense of community during election times.Last week, two politicians from two different coasts took their local Irish bars to reconnect with the public. Governor Martin O'Malley of Maryland played the James Joyce Irish bar in Balitmore, Maryland. In Baltimore, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and his Celtic rock band, O’Malley’s March, played the James Joyce Pub on South President Street. O’Malley, [...]

6 11, 2012

The Quite Corner

“Passion, along with commitment and focusing on the finer details” are essential ingredients for a great Irish pub, according to José Félix Basozabal, co-owner of The Quite Corner, located in Kristo Kalea in the Basque Country (to the north of Spain).This is the first time the José and his brother have opened an Irish pub, but they look forward to making it a success. José says; “We started our business on April 13th and opened on May 17th. The last six months have been very intense but so far everything is going relatively well, with challenges in all aspects, especially in the service bar and kitchen on weekends.”So far, besides its inauguration, the Quite Corner pub has celebrated the festival of the town and Arthur Guinness Day. José believes that the Basque Country and the Ireland have a number of things in [...]

30 10, 2012

Global Gathering 2013 and Banshee Legend Launch, a success

Last week, we visited New York to announce details of the Global Gathering 2013 and to support Dublin Distillers in launching Banshee Legend. Kindly hosted by The Consul General of Ireland, Noel Kilkenny, the event attracted over 40 of New York's finest Irish Pub owners, operators and leading industry professionals. Notably, three of our Chapter Presidents were in attendance: 1. Paul Hurley, New York. 2. Dave Magrogan, Philadelphia. 3. Conchur DeBarra, Belgium. - all of whom spoke on the importance of the Global Gathering in 2013 and the value of Irish Pubs Global as a network reaching 4,000+ members in all four corners of the globe. Illann Power, of Dublin Distillers successfully launched Banshee Legend, a new whiskey liqueur to the New York market. For more information on the Irish Pubs Global Gathering 2013, please email us on: Source: Cillian [...]

30 10, 2012

Irish pub in Guthrie has ‘spirited’ atmosphere

Combining good food, drink and a “lively and spirited” atmosphere, Kenney’s Irish Pub in Guthrie can get you started on an Oklahoman adventure this fall. Owner Kenny Cavner and his wife opened the place only four months ago. […]

30 10, 2012

Irish pub in Guthrie has 'spirited' atmosphere

Combining good food, drink and a “lively and spirited” atmosphere, Kenney’s Irish Pub in Guthrie can get you started on an Oklahoman adventure this fall. Owner Kenny Cavner and his wife opened the place only four months ago. […]

30 10, 2012

Wooden Keg celebrates anniversaries in Saint Clair, Pottsville

In 2005, James T. Croley II opened an Irish pub and restaurant in Saint Clair. Seven years later, he has two locations, a following and a brand name. Croley opened The Wooden Keg Tavern at 1 W. Caroline Ave. on Oct. 17, 2005. He said the business, which can seat “more than 100,” has 1,000 customers a week. […]

30 10, 2012

Vying for perfect pint honours

An Invercargill bar and a Queenstown bar are competing for top honours in the Guinness Lower South Island pint master competition, with the winner to represent the region in the national final. […]

16 10, 2012

Familiar faces give Wilkes-Barre Irish pub new look

The proprietors of the newly christened CrisNics Irish Pub in Wilkes-Barre are familiar faces at the decades-old establishment. […]

10 10, 2012

Advertising – Five Alternatives

If you’re spending your advertising budget on the masses and hoping something will stick, you’re playing a game that’s already over. We discuss five approaches that will slash your budget and play a huge part in your advertising.1. Internet Searches:Have you tried to Google restaurants in your local area? There is no audience you want to target more than people looking for a place to eat on their smart phones, so try to Google common phrases, ‘Places to eat Helsinki’ ‘Irish Pub New York’ and if you are not a restaurant that appears in the lists or blogs after a Google search, make it your priority to be on one. Make sure your address comes up in Google maps for ‘pub’ ‘restaurant’ or ‘bar.’2. Determine your Budget:Determine a percentage of your revenue to put into improvements that affect the guest [...]