5 Holiday Events at your Irish Pub

5 HOLIDAY EVENTS AT YOUR IRISH PUB   Christmas is a fruitful time where customers are ready to enjoy themselves at an Irish Pub. We have five tips to ensure more customer’s come through your doors this season. 1. Capture the Moment: Quigley’s Irish Pub is capitalizing on the festive season by a relatively inexpensive attraction. They offer photos with Santa and an Elf—or really a leprechaun—in their venue. This draws in families and friends of all ages, who often get a bite to eat while waiting for their photos.  Offering an incentive for customers to come in during a certain time can be matched with a special menu or snacks. 2. Celebrate New Year’s Get punter’s into your pub early—why wait until midnight to celebrate New Year’s? Do a countdown for a New Year’s Eve Celebration Dublin Time at [...]