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28 03, 2013

A Drinkable Whiskey Tornado Innovation

A group of artists and scientists have created the world’s first “whisky tornado” – a swirling mist of whisky vapour that can be breathed in through a straw. The art installation uses industrial-size humidifiers to generate a vapour of Talisker single malt, which swirls within a giant bell jar. The designers, Sam Bompas and Harry Parr ,are a breed unto themselves. In the past, they've constructed events like a lake of alcoholic punch you can row across (indoors) and a room full of vaporized gin and tonic. Now, in a new installation at King's College London, they've built a tornado out of whirling whisky mist. A high humidity level ‘enhances taste perception’ and more crucially, the same feelings associate with drinking alcohol in a conventional way. Inhaling the Whisky Tornado will intoxicate as the alcohol is absorbed  straight into the [...]

27 03, 2013

Five Alternatives to Advertising your Irish Pub

A Novelty Item on your menu can get you noticed locally If you’re spending your advertising budget on the masses and hoping something will stick, you’re playing a game that’s already over. We discuss five approaches that will slash your budget and play a huge part in your advertising. 1. Internet Searches: Have you tried to Google restaurants in your local area? There is no audience you want to target more than people looking for a place to eat on their smart phones, so try to Google common phrases, ‘Places to eat Helsinki’ ‘Irish Pub New York’ and if you are not a restaurant that appears in the lists or blogs after a Google search, make it your priority to be on one. Make sure your address comes up in Google maps for ‘pub’ ‘restaurant’ or ‘bar.’ 2. [...]

26 03, 2013

Getting your Irish Pub into the Guinness Book of World Records

Can your pub beat them? The Most Leprechaun's in one place A 'Stunt' is a word with negative connotations for Pub Owners, but a publicity stunt done properly could have massively positive implications for your Irish Pub. A newsworthy angle generates attention from traditional and social media, as well as a great buzz around your local. Rally your staff to think what your Irish pub could do to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records. Challenge them to think much bigger and come up with ideas that tie in to what your pub represents, yet have potential for national exposure. If you create events that only have local appeal, you’ll be limited with your media exposure potential and may not even make the local paper. If you think much larger, you won’t have to worry about getting [...]

25 03, 2013

Apps for Your iPad and iPhone

Are you looking for a few new app's to change up your menu? We have the solution for you, check out our five recommendations. Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me (for iPad/iPhone $7.99/£4.99/€5.49) In this top-notch app, you can find a treasure trove of superb recipes, which can be searched for by difficulty, seasonality and preparation time. The app is useful for both those starting out in the industry and even those who could brush up on their skills. You can follow videos showing a series of Gordon’s latest techniques, which includes an interactive shopping list. No internet connection is needed.   The Photo Cookbook – Baking (for iPad/iPhone/iPod $4.99/£2.99/£3.99) For the novice, baking can be problematic, however, this app can, quite literally, help make baking as easy as pie! This app clarifies the preparation of 60 recipes. Displayed in high-res, with [...]

22 03, 2013

Top Beer Garden Tips For Your Irish Pub

A Beer Garden is a great addition to your Irish Pub, to help your customers enjoy the best the summer has to offer. We offer you some tips to create an authentically Irish Pub Garden atmosphere to increase your turnover. Lighting should be decorative in keeping with the style of your garden, not glaring. Tea lights can be hid in plants for effect, or wooden beams can string lines of lights across the sky. Add an Irish street lamp or soft lights glowing ‘green white and orange’ for the ‘extra’ Irish effect. Large pieces in the garden will have an impact: the Bernard Shaw Pub in Dublin has an infamous beer garden because of the double decker bus connected to the pub that has been converted into a seating area, with tables and plush seats. Striking creative items have an impact and are memorable [...]