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7 05, 2013

Yelp Your Irish Pub! is a social networking, user review and local search website.  Yelp has a huge influence on the food and drinks industry with more then 54 million unique visitors every month. It is worth your Irish Pub investing time into exploring this site. Yelp is “focused on the reviewing experience” and fosters a community of highly engaged users who write reviews about restaurants, bars, and other types of local establishments. Yelp tap into the “vocal minority” to provide content for the rest of us. Sometimes this group of influential customers will have kind things to say about your restaurant and sometimes not. Irish Pub owners can benefit from these reviews – if they gain a number of good reviews on Yelp. Many times their Yelp profile can rank highly in the Google search results and be one of the first hits for ‘Irish Pub’ ‘Bar’ [...]

2 05, 2013

Using Seafood to reduce wastage in kitchen

To keep your Irish Pub's menu interesting, give customers of all ages plenty of choice. One way to create an appealing, exciting range of dishes for your customers is to integrate seafood to your menu. Seafood can be used to create dishes which are suitable for a wide range of customers; from ‘ladies who lunch’ looking for a healthy light meal, to young children – eager to get their delicious fish and chips. Look at your market and let it establish your menu. Use your creative skills to offer something a little different to the usual prawn cocktail, with a little thought and top class  seafood produce, your menu can offer clients something different, which will keep them coming back for more. Here are ten tips to serve fish in your Irish Pub:   Breading or battering small pieces of fish for [...]