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25 02, 2015

Guinness has always been about beer and people 

We salute entrepreneurs from Ireland and the rest of the world who have established “small pieces of Ireland abroad” with many successful Irish Pubs. There is great excitement around products and experiences created with authenticity, craftsmanship and character. Consumers are gravitating towards brands that offer a sense of a human touch, passion in their creation, local provenance and history. This trend is refuelling a renaissance in beer. And the explosion of new beers means people are interested in drinking beer more than ever. This is great news for everyone in the beer business and first and foremost Irish Pubs who epitomize experiences “made of more” every day. The Guinness brewery at St. James’s Gate has been home to some of the best brewers since the dawn of the industrial revolution. Discover the stories and culture behind Guinness as our brewers [...]

24 02, 2015

Irish government to connect to diaspora through its pubs

New initiative to connect 6,500 Irish pubs around world to Irish suppliers Diaspora Minister Jimmy Deenihan formally launched the Irish Pubs Global Federation to connect hospitality providers with its 6,500 members and Irish pubs all over the world. Founded by Enda O’Coineen (pictured with Minister Deenihan), the Irish Pubs Global Federation is a not-for-profit network of the Irish hospitality industry. It seeks to promote pubs as centres of their local communities, “providing high standards, good food, culture and music”. Minister Deenihan said: “Engagement with our diaspora is of enormous importance for Ireland. The achievements of the diaspora both Irish born and those of Irish descent, have enhanced Ireland’s profile and reputation internationally and are a source of pride to people in Ireland. “Members of the diaspora have shown Ireland and Irish culture and sports, in all parts of the world. [...]

19 02, 2015

The Irish Pub Company – In 2015 is it an Irish Pub or a Pub from Ireland?

The Irish Pub Company led by Mel McNally in Dublin and Darren Fagan in the USA is the most experienced in the sector. The Irish Pub Company design, create brands, build and fit out Irish Pubs, Gastro Pubs, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Sports Bars, Cocktail Bars, Contemporary Pubs and Hotels in Ireland and around the world. We have designed and built in excess of 1000 Irish Pubs in every corner of the globe; large and small, for sole operators and for major brands but our philosophy remains; to work with each client, understand their wishes, their expectations and then translate this into a successful business. As the Official Partner of the Guinness Irish Pub Concept and the company that created the concept one may think we at the Irish Pub Company would be hesitant to admit the Irish Pub must evolve. [...]

16 02, 2015

Bar-avan ‘The Shebeen’ is heading to America

The caravan turned Bar, The Shebeen is heading abroad with a request for the traditional Irish Pub on wheels to be shipped to Boston. It will be almost identical to the original Shebeen but with an added touch of having a thatched roof, capturing the feeling of Irish tradition. John Walsh, alongside his staff of Clinical Cabinets set about redesigning an old caravan into The Shebeen, a traditional Irish pub on wheels. The project began to gain a lot of attention and interest from customers visiting the Clinical Cabinet’s site. John began by renting out The Shebeen for hire but is now branching into the sales market. Having one Shebeen on wheels already about to be delivered to Boston, John aims to target other US states, Europe and the UK. The interior of The Shebeen is perfectly designed to emulate [...]

11 02, 2015

St. James’s Gate releases Hop House 13 Lager

Guinness brewers yesterday announced the release of Hop House 13 Lager, the latest beer from The Brewers Project at St. James’s Gate. Named after an early 1900s hop store building at St. James’s Gate where hops are still stored, Hop House 13 is a double-hopped lager made with Irish barley and aromatic hops and continues the 256 years of heritage and brewing excellence at St. James’s Gate. Hop House 13 Lager is available exclusively on draught from today in selected pubs across the island of Ireland. Guinness brewer, Peter Simpson who led the development of Hop House 13 said: “I personally enjoy more flavoursome beers, so I wanted to make a lager with lots of character and flavour. After some months of exploring different recipes and collaborating with other brewers at St. James’s Gate, we created Hop House 13.” Hop [...]

9 02, 2015

Donegal Woman Launches Inflatable Pubs

A Donegal woman, Caitriona Mulhern, has launched her new career in providing inflatable pubs that are available to rent. People will be able to create the illusion that they are in a pub while being able to drink at supermarket prices. Working with her husband, Caitriona will cater for all sorts of events such as birthday parties, weddings and even renting to pubs wishing to cater for festivals. Speaking with The Examiner, Caitriona explains the process "We provide the unit, with a standing capacity of 80, along with the flooring, lighting, bar, optics, taps, and furniture for 20 sitting". There are add-on packages available to include extra seating, refrigeration, an extra marquee, additional lighting, a DJ or a dance floor. It costs €300 to rent a pop up pub and the customer will have to supply their own alcohol. To [...]