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19 12, 2016

IPG President participating in the Vendee Globe

While our incredible community of Irish Pub owners, managers and staff around the world settle into the Christmas and New Year celebrations, we are thinking of our President and Founder, Enda O'Coineen, who is currently sailing around the world alone promoting the Atlantic Youth Trust Charity, an ambitious maritime education schools programme and, of course, Irish Pubs Global. Enda is participating in the Vendee Globe, a non-stop single-handed round the world sailing race. He is the first Irishman to ever qualify - the oldest and the youngest, and he hopes not the last! On board the Kilcullen Voyager, we estimate that on December 25th Enda will be about 400 miles south of Tasmania on the India Ocean. Within a week he will be south of New Zealand and crossing the International Date Line and entering the Pacific Ocean headed for [...]

15 12, 2016

Pub Management Collection 2016

The best of our 2016 series of exclusive pub management articles from Donal Ballance, including helpful tips and expert advice on running an Irish pub. Creating A Destination Pub The definition of a destination pub is a pub that people will go out of their way to visit. Think about that for a second or two. A pub that people will drive or take public transport out of their community or neighbourhood to visit. A journey that may be inconvenient and that will almost certainly pass by other pubs or restaurants, some of them excellent and all of them competing for that customer’s business. Read more 5 Tips For Keeping Informed On Your Industry Running a pub or restaurant is a busy occupation and it can often be unpredictable. That combination of busyness and unpredictability can [...]

15 12, 2016

Dobiquity can transform how publicans work

Dobiquity is revolutionising daily work life in pubs by helping operators to digitise multiple operational activities from a single platform. Research shows that hospitality enterprises, and especially pubs, lag far behind other sectors when it comes to digitisation. That’s probably not all too surprising though, given that the focus in our industry tends to be on the ‘here and now’ and this often prevents publicans from exploring more strategic issues like digitisation. Recent scoping research amongst pub managers highlighted five main reasons why apps and other digital solutions aren’t being more frequently used and the key blockages, with some sample comments, are shown: Fear of the unknown – ‘how will the apps work in practice, will they distract people from their work?’ Security/stability concerns – ‘what if the technology fails or we get hacked?’ Happy with the status quo – ‘why [...]

9 12, 2016

Rademon Estate Distillery Release New Batch of Limited Edition Cask Aged Shortcross Gin

The distillers at Rademon Estate Distillery in Co. Down, home to Shortcross Gin, have released a new batch of their international award-winning limited edition Shortcross Cask Aged Gin. Three casks of the expression were laid to rest this year with a limited number of bottles now available to purchase across UK & Ireland. Commenting on Rademon Estate Distillery’s latest release David Boyd-Armstrong, Head Distiller and Operations Director, said: “The release of our first batch of Shortcross Cask Aged Gin took place earlier this year and was an incredible success. Due to the unprecedented demand for this new Shortcross expression we decided to release another batch of our highly commended Shortcross Cask Aged Gin in the run up to Christmas, providing us with the perfect opportunity to offer a unique product and gift during the festive period.” To create this limited edition, Shortcross Gin was carefully rested in French oak [...]

9 12, 2016

Ireland aims to become the world leader in Whiskey Tourism by 2030

The Irish Whiskey Association together with Michael Creed T.D. Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine has launched the Irish Whiskey Tourism Strategy which sets out how Ireland can become the world leader in whiskey tourism by 2030. The strategy sets out four recommendations which are required in order to achieve that objective: Support the growth of Irish whiskey distilleries and visitor centres. Develop an all island whiskey tourism product. Create an Irish whiskey trail and tourism infrastructure around distilleries. Develop an embassy network of hotels, restaurants and pubs. The strategy forecasts that the future of Irish whiskey tourism is dependent on a collaboration of local communities and state agencies supporting the growth of Irish whiskey distilleries and visitor centres all around the island. It proposes innovative ideas including the establishment of an all-island whiskey trail that will attract a significant [...]

7 12, 2016

Festive Winter Drinks To Serve In Your Pub

Alan Kavanagh, Training and Advocacy Manager at Edward Dillon & Co., shares a selection of winter cocktails and hot signature serves for this festive season. A Christmas in Cognac 30ml Fine de Cognac shaken with 20ml chocolate liqueur and a touch of Amaretto finished with 60ml chilled light cream and a sprinkle of vanilla and nutmeg sugar. Meet Me Under The Mistletoe 30ml Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey mixed with 10ml Peach liqueur, 20ml Chambord raspberry liqueur, fresh lime juice and finished with a 50ml pineapple juice served in a tall sling glass. Winter Spiced Mojito 40ml Bacardi Oakheart balanced with fresh mint, fresh lime juice, 20ml Cinnamon whiskey liqueur and sugar muddled over crushed ice and topped with a splash of ginger ale. Winter Wild Berry Mojito 50ml Bacardi Fuego spiced, fresh wild berries, fresh mint, 20ml lime juice, 2 [...]

16 11, 2016

Prizefight Irish Whiskey Launches in Dublin

Prizefight is a collaborative Irish whiskey, distilled and aged in Ireland, and finished in American rye casks from Tamworth Distilling. The result is incredibly complex whiskey: a smooth and mellow spirit that packs a punch but never burns. Pugilist Spirit’s Flor Prendergast wanted to create an Irish whiskey, so he called upon spirits maverick Steven Grasse, who came up with an idea for something new — a fine Irish whiskey finished in American rye casks. Making this idea a reality required collaboration between two craft distillers: one in Ireland, and the other in America. So, they reached out to West Cork Distilling to create the whiskey, and Grasse’s own distillery, Tamworth Distilling in New Hampshire to arrange the finishing. Together, they produced a fresh, clean whiskey with fruit and floral notes that gets a hit of spice from the rye cask [...]

15 11, 2016

Discover What Hugh Jordan Can Offer The Irish Pub Sector

Hugh Jordan Catering Supplies strive to create and source products that break the boundaries of innovation. Their ideas and concepts have been at the forefront of the hospitality industry since 1947. The product development team constantly work towards new and original ideas, products and trends that can be seen in their vast portfolio of products. Hugh Jordan offer much more than just products to the Irish Pub Sector, they offer a complete service. With over twenty two sales representatives throughout the country as well as an equipment & furniture specialist, our dedicated and experienced team can offer you the consultation that you need to get your pub looking the part. No matter what style you are looking for their team can ensure you get the best products possible to fit your needs, helping you from start to finish. With over [...]

15 11, 2016

Gr8niteout connects customers with the Irish hospitality sector

Gr8niteout is an innovative new website that makes it possible for drinks to be bought from around the world and enjoyed in any pub/bar/hotel registered to the Gr8niteout website. We Irish have been leaving Ireland for hundreds of years and settling in every corner of the globe but our hearts belong to Ireland. Today through social media we stay in contact with our loved ones, our friends and our local pubs. We know what’s happening in our friends lives, what’s going on in our towns and what events are on in the local pubs. Social media keeps us connected.  We see our pubs packed to the rafters at Christmas, Easter, and in the Summer family members return, tourists arrive and business is booming. A few short weeks later and pubs are empty, holidays are over and everyone leaves. For any pub [...]

11 11, 2016

Rascals Brewing Company Building a brighter craft beer future

rascal /'ra:sk(ə)l/ noun: rascal; plural noun :rascals      a mischievous or cheeky person, especially a child or man (typically used in an                        affectionate way).      "a lovable rascal"       synonyms: scallywag, scamp, devil, imp, monkey, mischievous person, mischief-maker Gone are the days of the only beer choice being dull, mass-market lagers in Ireland, but one thing is for sure - we are all still drinking beer, and beer with flavour! It is the second wave of the craft beer revolution, where eagerness is just not enough and Ireland is only the tip of the market with our reputation for producing high quality craft beers growing globally. Take Rascals Brewing Company in Dublin, Ireland. They have a topnotch brewery, creative and experienced brewers, an intimidatingly good reputation (built [...]