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31 10, 2017

Irish Spirits Exports up 6.1% as Production Flourishes

A newly released report from the Irish Spirits Association (ISA) has shown that the number of licensed spirits producers in Ireland has doubled between 2014 and 2016, while the value of spirits exports increased by 6.1% in 2016. The report, the first ever industry and market report on Irish spirits, identifies a key trend in recent years of the remarkable resurgence of gin.  Gin is the fastest growing spirits category among Irish consumers, growing by 31.6% in 2016. The ISA recently established an Irish gin working group to provide a voice for this rapidly growing sector. Domestically, vodka remains Ireland’s most popular spirits drink, however sales have fallen by a quarter in the past decade.  Overall, spirits consumption has fallen by 19.2% since 2006. Overall, the value of exports increased by 29% between 2011 and 2016, up from €624m to [...]

31 10, 2017

4 Steps to An Effective Talent Pipeline

Having an effective talent pipeline is key for hiring in the hospitality industry. If you need to hire today or for the holiday season, you’re already two months too late. It’s important to get a head start on hiring for the holiday season and beyond. Why start to pipeline talent? There is no reason that hiring for 2018 should be left until January. New Year’s Resolutions never work out because people make too many changes, too quickly. Hiring is no different. Without time for preparation, you’re setting yourself up for poor results. Hence, January shouldn’t be the beginning of something new – it should be a continuation of your workflow. 4 Steps to an Effective Talent Pipeline Determine who your critical hires are Pipeline talent not just for senior roles, but for any positions that are critical to the business. Determine what these roles are, then think about [...]

26 10, 2017

5 Creative Marketing Ideas For Your Bar

1) Promote Your Menu Online Everywhere When your potential customers search online, they tend to use generic words like "bars in Dublin" or "places to get great bar food", they do not seek for specific bar names, so it could be a great idea that you put your menu online. That way Google and other search engines can index your pub/bar correctly, this will help you get discovered by more people online. Facebook and Trip Advisor use a feature that collates menu information about bars/ restaurants, so by putting your menu online, your bar/pub will be indexed further and will appear in more of Googles search results, and therefore you will be discovered more times. 2) Google and Apple Maps It doesn’t take much time to register your business on Google My Business. By doing this, it will make it [...]

26 10, 2017

Last call for Good Friday Ban & other legal updates

The Government has been busy addressing three topical matters involving the sale of alcohol in Ireland. The most prominent is the legislative change to repeal a 90 year old law banning the sale of alcohol on Good Friday. We examine the scope of these proposals and the likely impact on the drinks and tourism industries. Removing the Good Friday prohibition: The Intoxicating Liquor (Amendment) Bill 2017, introduced on 23 February 2017, has passed all stages in the Seanad. If enacted this law will repeal the law prohibiting the sale of alcohol at all licensed premises on Good Friday (30 March next year). This Bill is expected to come before the Dáil later this year. In 2010 an important Leinster v Munster rugby match took place on Good Friday. Publicans in Limerick along with the vintners associations successfully applied for an [...]

11 10, 2017

Scholars Lounge Rome Scoops Top Prize at Irish Pubs Global Awards 2017

Scholars Lounge in Rome took the top prize and was crowned Global Pub of the Year last night following 16,000 public nominations and analysis from an expert judging panel. 400 Irish publicans from around the world gathered in the Round Room at the Mansion House for the Irish Pubs Global Gala Awards sponsored by The lifetime achievement award was presented by GRID Finance to the Founder and Chairman of the McGettigan Group, Jim McGettigan. The McGettigan Group has built up an incredibly successful group of Irish pubs across the globe in cities such as New York, Dublin, Dubai and Galway. Jim McGettigan with Family and Friends Speaking about the Awards Irish Pubs Global CEO, Colm O’Reilly, said: “Congratulations to all those nominated and in particular to the winners from this years Irish Pubs Global Awards kindly sponsored by [...]

3 10, 2017

4 Ways To Attract Open Talent To Your Hospitality Role

When we talk about open or passive Talent, we’re talking about the candidates that are comfortably employed but open to new opportunities. They are not actively looking for new jobs but they are receptive to learning about them. Not only are they generally good performers but they make up over two thirds of the workforce. In the latest of our Open Talent Series, we focus on the hospitality industry, which faces a shortage of skilled Talent and a turnover rate higher than most. Here are 4 ways to attract open Talent to your hospitality role. Consider the candidate’s journey If open candidates are to be converted to hires, you need to ensure that you’re easily accessible. Over 90% of candidates won’t complete an application if the process is not mobile optimised or takes more than 2 steps.  Our research shows that career sites are the most used [...]