Monthly Archives: September 2018

25 09, 2018

Longford’s new distillery launches gin to the Irish market

County Longford’s first distillery, Lough Ree Distillery in Lanesborough, has launched Ireland’s newest gin, Sling Shot, to the Irish market. The gin is the first in a line of Lough Ree Distillery spirits that will include whiskey, vodka, liqueurs, poitín, and fruit spirits. The investment in the new Longford distillery will be in excess of €5 million. Situated on the banks of Lough Ree at Lanesborough’s historic crossing point on the River Shannon, the new distillery is set to increase local and international tourism to the area, resulting in upwards of 25,000 visitors by 2023. It is anticipated that growth in production and visitors will create in excess of 20 new jobs over the next three years. Sling Shot gin is inspired by a mix of historical and modern elements of Lough Ree, which comes through in the brand name [...]

24 09, 2018

Pub Aesthetics: The Key to Increased Profits

Think of your pub. How does it look? Does it have a theme? How do you want it to make your customers feel when they first go inside? No doubt you want them to feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed enough to stay for many hours of consumption and spending. Nowadays, people don’t just want a product or service, they want to feel good in an aesthetically appealing environment; they want to feel connected. Style can no longer be an afterthought because it’s become a critical source of product identity and economic value for businesses. However, aesthetics is more than what your pub looks like, it’s about the overall experience your customers and potential customers have at all touch points, whether it be your website or interactions with your staff. People want interesting, enjoyable and meaningful sensory experiences in order to [...]

14 09, 2018

Guinness launches new ‘Switch to Pub Mode’ campaign

This September, Guinness, together with the publicans of Ireland, is celebrating the magic of quality catch ups with friends in the pub with a new initiative called ‘Switch to Pub Mode’. Guinness carried out a study to coincide with the launch, which looked into the impact of phone usage on a night out with friends. The research found that, despite the reliance on our phones and the extent to which we value them, when we meet up with friends and put our phones down, we have a better night out. 94% stated that they enjoyed a night out as much or more without their phone in stark contrast to just 6% of people enjoying a night more with their phone in use. The study was conducted by Behaviour & Attitudes and explored the quality of a night out with friends [...]

10 09, 2018

Global Irish Festival Series launched in New York

The new Global Irish Festival Series was recently launched in New York, at an event organised by Tourism Ireland in partnership with the Consulate General of Ireland. Singer Lisa Hannigan took to the stage to launch events that will take place in the US and Ireland with the aim of encouraging our diaspora to return home to visit Ireland. Around 34 million Americans claim Irish heritage and the new initiative is designed to encourage people with Irish roots, and those who simply enjoy Irish culture, to come home to Ireland and celebrate what it means to be Irish. The Global Irish Festival Series is a joint initiative between the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Fáilte Ireland. It will be piloted this October in Limerick and Donegal with events including the Richard Harris International Film festival and I.NY, which [...]

7 09, 2018

Irish Distillers to pilot new Jameson Cold Brew

Jameson Irish Whiskey is set to pilot a new and innovative take on the classic combination of Irish whiskey and coffee; Jameson Cold Brew. Jameson Cold Brew will be trialled in limited quantities from September 2018 in response to the growing global appetite for Irish whiskey, quality coffee and coffee-driven cocktails such as the espresso martini. Jameson Cold Brew is a combination of triple-distilled Jameson Irish Whiskey and refreshing cold brew coffee extract, crafted from the finest, 100% Fairtrade arabica beans from Columbia and Brazil. The result is a smooth, new Irish whiskey experience, with a bold coffee taste balanced with charred wood on the palate and a warming mouthfeel on the finish. The new Jameson Cold Brew is best served over ice or in a coffee cocktail, such as the Jameson Cold Brew martini or the Jameson Cold-Fashioned. The [...]