AerTV launches in Ireland

AerTV Sports will allow the Irish Diaspora to stream Irish sports content. The news service aims to celebrate the passion of sports in Ireland within these communities and the Irish Diaspora who are looking to support home teams from around the globe

The Irish company Aertv has teamed up with Ballywire, a multimedia news agency, to create this unique online service. The site includes extreme sport features from Red Bull TV and live streaming will further complement the channel.

Director of Aertv Philippe Brodeur said, “Irish sporting communities and niche sports are often under-represented by the traditional broadcasters.

“We are keen to engage with communities around Ireland and share their passion. Aertv can provide fantastic exposure and promotion for them both home and abroad. With the ability to reach anyone with a broadband connection or Internet enabled device, the opportunities are endless.”

Paul Collins, founder of Ballywire, said, “We are thrilled to have another platform online to showcase our unique content and the service is generating a lot of interest. Aertv has huge potential for business growth; it broadens our reach and provides great additional exposure for our clients.”

Currently streams 16 channels including Irish terrestrial channels (RTÉ One, RTÉ Two, TV3, 3e and TG4). These stations can be viewed from any device connected to the Internet without the use of a set-top box, satellite dish, cable, or even a TV set. The service is available  worldwide, broadcasting 24 hours a day.

The Aertv Sports channel is the fifth of its kind to be launched following Aertv Music, Aertv Movies, Unravel Travel and Dublin Community TV.

Source: JANE WALSH, IrishCentral Staff Writer