As hospitality business operations continue to become digitised it’s no surprise that the methods used to train hospitality staff are also moving towards more streamlined and automated processes. If your business is considering making the switch from dated, face to face training here are some great benefits of online training you should know.

1. Improve induction

The hospitality industry experiences one of the highest rates of staff turnover globally, which means that you’re probably spending a large amount of your time onboarding new staff. With online training options, for example Typsy, you can simply record your business induction once via video then distribute the same standardised message to all staff. This also allows you to ensure that staff receive a uniform message, so no important parts are missed out. With a recorded learning resource staff can also continuously revisit the information whenever they might need to refresh their skills.

2. Save time

Whether it be food trends, regulations or technology, today’s world is constantly changing, so trying to keep your staff up to date can be a struggle. With constant changes, training your staff can be a time consuming exercise, especially if you take the traditional approach which can take hours or even whole days away from business. With time being of the essence heading online is a great option, as it can reduce learning time by up to 60 percent. Online training options allow you to assign and automate training, so as a manager you can deliver training to all your staff members with a click of a button. Online platforms such as Typsy offer bite-sized video lessons, so the hard work of planning and creating training is done for you.

3. It can be completed remotely

Getting all of your staff in for one training day can be difficult as closing your business to allow for training isn’t viable for most hospitality businesses. On the other hand, running multiple group training sessions extends the training process and requires more time from a trainers perspective. By taking your training online you can readily distribute training content at any time for staff to access. Mobile access to learning allows your staff to complete training in their own time, say, on the commute to work or during their shift break. Managers can set out required training and completion dates allowing you and your staff to complete training tasks when it best suits their personal schedule.

4. Save money

Depending on what type of online training option you are looking for in your venue, the price will vary, however the return on investment of this training method has been recognised across various industries around the world. Take Microsoft, for example, who used video to cut classroom training costs by $303 per person, from $320 to just $17. Online training not only often has smaller costs compared to traditional methods, but has also been found to increase revenue (within less than a year!). The benefits of online training to your business can be felt faster than traditional methods too, as online training can improve retention rates by 52% and productivity by 60%. With staff skilling up faster, working smarter they will ultimately drive greater results for your business.

5. Engage your staff

In the age of social media and instant communication, everyone is using their mobile devices for consuming information, whether it be the news or social networking, so why not deliver your staff’s training in the same way? By delivering training in a format that your staff are already using they are not only more likely to complete the training but it is also more likely to be effective in the learning process. While online content is available in various formats, research shows that employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles when completing training. Video training for the hospitality industry might sound like a strange concept but videos are hugely popular, especially with the millennial generation, just take a look at YouTube who has more than 4 billion videos viewed each day.

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