It’s Monday morning again and you are facing into two or three hours of beverage inventory count after a busy week. Not a pleasant prospect but here are some tips for making it a bit easier.


  1. Take inventory early in the morning and before there are any interruptions. This way you can take your time, enjoy your coffee and get a more accurate count.

  1. Have the Sunday night bartender restock the bar refrigerators so you know at a glance how many beer bottles they contain.

  1. Have the Sunday night bartender clear all empty kegs out of the walk-in, leaving only fulls and partials for you to count.

  1. Have the Sunday night bartender do the count in the liquor room so all you have to do is spot-check it.

  1. Don’t try and complete all the paperwork on Monday morning. On your spreadsheet, record deliveries, transfers and price changes as they occur during the week so that all you’re doing on Monday morning is entering your closing inventory.

By Donal Ballance