1. Pictures or Video grab ATTENTION

Choose relevant to your subject or make something up yourself. Adding an image (or two,) videos or photo attracts much more attention and may drive shares.

2. Content

Followers ‘follow’ because you bring them something they want and are interested in. Consider what your customers and fans may want before you write. Some news items may be interesting, but mention a discount or special offer, and they will follow you anywhere! Related local or hospitality news will be recommended; the more relevant to your followers, the better. They will see your page as giving them value and well worth continuing to follow and hopefully like or share (but don’t “sell” on every post). The occasional local community issue goes down well; showing you as a responsible and caring member. Promote good causes and share good deeds.

Remember too that Facebook is ‘social’ media. People predominantly use Facebook to interact with friends and family. Posts about a staff outing (keep them clean) or a funny photo from the bar can reap dividends and help followers ‘buy-in’ to your business.

A pub landlord I know took to taking a picture of every customer who tried a new guest craft beer and – after asking their permission – posted it as a status and tagged the person (with their permission) to their timeline. It is always worth thinking outside the box. The response can be phenomenal.

3. Quality over quantity

Concentrate on providing regular updates that are of value to your followers. Constantly bombarding followers with posts and status updates is genuinely a no-no. You will lose more fans than you gain through tiredness. Unless of course, you have lots of original, funny videos – then go hard!

4. Time of day

Schedule your posts to appear at the time when most of your followers will see them, and they are most relevant. Post about food just before lunch or dinner, drinks specials at the end of the day.

5. Location, location, location

Make sure to add a site or location in your posts; this gives a local business a massive advantage over competing for against national business. Always use your locality as much as you can. Your fight is a local fight.

Target a particular area, gender, age within your posts, allowing only followers in this place to see them within there timelines.

6. Tagging

Facebook has stopped the advantages of tagged posts from your page but these are still used to interact with your followers – and that should be the primary goal. Tag other organisations and businesses occasionally by using the ‘@’ in your posts – a likely list will pop up.

7. Emphasize your relevant posts

Choose to ‘highlight’ a post, and it will spread across both columns of your homepage. Boost a post occasionally – it is cheap really!

Choose to ‘pin’ a post, and it will stay at the top of your timeline.

Hopefully, you will have found some useful tips above and can start to improve your Facebook Page updates and in turn, bring in more business and interest. Feel free to share this information with any company guilty of underusing or abusing their Facebook Page!

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