9 White Deer Brewery in the Múscraí Gaeltacht village of Baile Bhuirne has launched a beer to celebrate the Irish language.

The new beer will officially launch on Saturday March 17th at The Mills Inn, Ballyvourney, Co Cork. The bottle label and branding is all in Irish except the ingredients where both Irish and English are used. Named “ól-é” meaning “drink it”, the beer is a creation to get people to think a bit more about the Irish language.

Now in its fourth year, 9 White Deer Brewery has an existing range of 9 beers with ól-é making it 10. Ól-é is a pilsner, a type of lager developed in Germany around the 1840’s, that has since become one of the most popular styles of beer worldwide.

Craft breweries do not usually dedicate much valuable tank space to lagers as they need time to lager and mature and high tech equipment is out of reach to enable short cuts, so it has to be done traditionally which takes six to eight weeks to make.

The brewers – Gordon Lucey and Don O’Leary, are passionate about the Irish language and wish to see more use of it “even though about half of us in the brewery are fluent Irish is encouraged” said O’Leary.

2018 will see some important Irish language events, not only Seachtain na Gaeilge running March 1-17th, but Bliain na Gaeilge 2018 is a big push to further revive the language. Lucey quotes “There are so many ways to engage in Irish and some great resources like Duolingo, www.focloir.ie and www.tearma.ie”.

For more information on Ól-é beer and it’s availability, see www.9whitedeer.ie.