handbagA woman’s handbag is an extension of herself. I have yet to find a woman who disagrees with that statement! It is the place where she stores her arsenal of makeup, her range of sprays and beauty tools, spare shoes, brushes, small pets and the odd piece of furniture or two…There is nowhere she won’t go without her handbag and she considers it a fifth limb.

50% of your customers are probably of the female variety, so would you allow female customers into your bar or restaurant only to insist they sit on the floor? I don’t think so. If you want to wow your female customers, then don’t ask them to place their handbags on the floor either.

When I was a Trainee Hotel Manager in Adare Manor, in Limerick back in the 1990s, Chef Marco Pierre White was my hero and in one interview he gave, he mentioned that all of his female customers in his famous Oak Room Restaurant were given a little cushioned stool to place their handbag on. I thought this was the most opulent, over-the-top thing I had ever heard. Can you imagine your customer’s response when the waiter places a stool under the handbag?

If you don’t want to splash out on handbag stools, then why not offer a purse hanger, so that guests can hang their purse-hangershandbags/purses from the side of the table easily and discreetly.

If you wanted to be very clever, you could have some branded purse hangers created for your restaurant and give them away to all the ladies as they leave. That way, no matter which bar or restaurant they go to, your business name will be on show for all to see!