ArtHaus Paint Effects is a very talented specialist paint effect company based in Ireland who specialise in the trademark decorative finishes associated with Irish pubs. They have the unique creative ability to be able to work in many styles on all surfaces, walls, ceilings, wood work, bar front, bar back, wood panelling, and plaster moulding to create wonderful original art and effects to completely transform a pub or subtley enhance its existing personality.

Dymphna & Noel

ArtHaus is run by Dymphna & Noel Tate. Both have a Fine Art background and their skills and talent show in abundance in their original artwork, murals and old style signage as well as their full walls and ceilings effect.

They’ve worked alongside many of the great design companies Ireland has to offer in the pub design and build sectors, decor and refurb sectors. Traditional Irish bars are evidently their area of expertise but they have also worked extensively for hotels, cafes and nightclubs as well as theatres around the world.


Since their beginning in 1996, they have enhanced and completed Irish pubs all across the world. Their long list of successfully completed projects extend beyond Ireland to Germany, North America, UK, Austria, Poland, Latvia, Russia, India and numerous projects on the Caribbean working with local materials where necessary. Doing on-location work is only part of their offering as they produce many old style pub and product signs here in Ireland and ship them all over the world for various clients.

For nearly 20 years ArtHaus has been making Irish pubs more appealing to customers, creating and enhancing the atmosphere whether that’s in making new pubs look older, breathing new life into tired, old establishments or creating something contemporary, quirky and modern. In the last 2 years, they’ve graduated to building complete Irish pubs from the design concept through build and fit-out of Irish pubs. This gives them and their clients full control of the complete look of their establishment. 

You just have to spend 2 minutes in this team’s company to see they obviously love their work and enjoy working with each client to give them the most for their budget regardless of size. Have a look at their website or contact them for more info.