Carte d’Or has launched an exciting new range of desserts for the Irish foodservice industry.

The new range includes five powder mix options including Carte d’Or Chocolate Mousse, Carte d’Or Lemon Mousse, Carte d’Or Mango Mousse, Carte d’Or Panna Cotta, Carte d’Or Creme Brûlée / Crème Caramel, all of which will help expand your dessert menu options, without the workload.

Carte D’Or was first founded in Paris in 1978, created exclusively for chefs, which is still the case today with this new innovative range. Keeping the needs of chefs at the forefront, these new products are versatile and great for piping, shaping, moulding and cutting. The desserts are easy to make and provide consistent quality every time, taking the risk out of scratch cooking. 

Commenting on the launch of the new Carte d’Or dessert range, Audrey Crone, Executive Chef at Unilever Food Solutions Ireland, said “The new Carte D’Or range is a great addition to any food service kitchen, providing the base for a wide range of easy to prepare and great quality dishes. The team has developed some fantastic and creative desserts, ranging from a simple stem ginger crème caramel to a set lemon cream, that will give any menu a delicious finale.

 “The brand was formed by patisserie chefs, which shows through in the products. You don’t just have to serve them in a glass – you can pipe, shape or cut to get the presentation you require.”

The aim of the new dessert editions is to provide kitchens with a versatile product with a range of flavours to work from. The dessert mix can be whipped up in three to four simple steps, consistently producing a great tasting product without the need for scratch cooking. 

For more information and videos, visit Unilever Food Solutions.