Anto Clarke and Michael Galway, owners of the Galway Bay pub in Annapolis, Maryland are the toast of the town for the Christmas season after taking delivery of their own eggnog from Ireland.

For many, the very thought of eggnog brings back bad memories of finding milk cartons in the fridge and your grandparents house and accidentally taking your first taste of Eggnog. Some struggle to forget and I’m sure some will be dreaming of it tonight!

But in a truly defiant Irish manner, both Clarke and Galway are set on converting all who cross the threshold of their establishments: Galway Bay, Brian Boru and Killarney House.

To date, they say it’s been worth it – a taste has led to it being ordered off the menu as a tipple, chilled in cocktails with espresso flavored vodka and even purchasing a bottle.

While the origins of eggnog and it’s original recipe are hotly debated, we can rest assured the latest offerings are refined, smooth and far more pleasant on the palette than our childhoods allow us to believe.

For Galway and Clarke, the Galway Bay authentic Irish eggnog draws it’s origins from Terra Liquors in Ireland – imported into Annapolis. The recipe includes Irish whiskey, cream and eggs with a hint of vanilla and nutmeg.

Origins of this expedition in sourcing their own festive libation are classic: a shortage! Back in 2004, a local distributor talked them into taking several cases for Christmas. So popular was the drink that they ordered 100 cases the following year only to be caught short when the supply dried up and the distributor wasn’t sourcing any more!

Not to be deterred, they set about sourcing their own and after two years back and forth to Ireland, they settled on a recipe. The rest is history – retail sales of the eggnog has grown by 20% with each passing year as the eggnog proves to be equally popular as a Christmas gift.

In addition to plans on expanding to liquor stores next year, head chef at Galway Bay; Kevin Duffy recommends the eggnog for cooking! For more ideas: