Longevity is rare in South Beach, but one local hangout is getting better with age. On Sept. 5, Clarke’s Irish Pub will celebrate its seventh anniversary with the launch of a new menu and a long-overdue signature cocktail list.

What many regulars call “a classic New York-style saloon,” Clarke’s is a go-to for an abundance of high-end spirits, lots of Guinness, and a proper bite to eat. It’s a welcoming spot nestled in the chic South of Fifth neighborhood. It’s known for standards like the Irish Breakfast on Sundays (complete with killer black and white pudding) and Lobster Night on Wednesdays, where it’s common to find people lining up to get a table.

Laura Cullen, owner of Clarke’s, is no stranger to the restaurant business. Her father had one for 42 years in New York. He once told her that the best decoration in a restaurant is the people. So, to keep her people coming back, she’s giving them something new to crave. Look out for the Baked Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and onion gravy, the Hot and Sour Short Ribs with kimchee slaw, and the Cider Glazed Pork Belly Sliders.

This is the restaurant’s first signature drinks menu and Cullen says it pays homage to the great cocktail gurus and industry folks that have sat at her bar during the past seven years. As a certified sommelier and a BAR graduate (a coveted title in the mixology world), Cullen makes a mean drink and is eager to share her creations with Clarke’s lovers. Like most perfectionists, she’s struggling to choose seven cocktails out of a list of 32 that will grace the new menu. She assures us that the style will be “very much in line with the vibe at Clarke’s — classic, approachable, and high quality. “

When asked about her favorite drink on the new list, she said, “Does a mother admit to having a favorite child?”

She eventually divulged and told us that her favorite is the “Irish Complex,” a whiskey cocktail stirred with Bushmill’s and Mandarine Napoleon liqueur that will be served on tap. That means that they will literally be drawing the liquid through a tap system, which is an emerging trend at cocktail bars across the country.

Source: Galena Mosovich, miami.com