Connect IrelandIt is no secret to everyone that the scourge of emigration has deeply blighted this once thriving country. Thankfully there is a light at the end of the proverbial dark tunnel in the form of an incredible new initiative, which sets out to offer practical solutions to the countries woes.

Connect Ireland (click on the image to the right to see a Youtube clip) will create new jobs in Ireland by forging connections with Irish diaspora throughout the world, attract expanding companies to locate in Ireland and help reshape the economy.

After speaking to Connect Ireland Business Development Manager Mark Graham, it quickly becomes clear as to why Connect Ireland is such a lucrative investment for business owners.

“Henry Ford set up his first factory in Cork, but why did he do that? Well, because his father was from Clonakilty. Links like that make a real difference. That’s what we are tying to promote. We want to spread the fact that Ireland is the best small country in the world to do business in;“ says Mark.

Connect Ireland is an innovative way to create new jobs in Ireland, Mark explains why; “We had our first success story recently, where thirty jobs were announced in Couty Carlow. This was with a company, which wasn’t thinking about coming to Ireland prior to this. Eddie Horkan, a Mayo man, living in Carlow, heard about this company, which was going to locate in Scotland. We got in contact with the company and now Eddie is set to get €45,000.”

The idea for Connect Ireland had its genesis during a meeting between the public and elected representatives in County Kilkenny, as Mark explains; “Terry Clune, who addressed the meeting, asked if anyone knew anybody, who may be able to help promote the area of Kilkenny and a lady at the back of the room put up her hand. She said that her family was one of the original families that set up Coco Cola and Terry said; ‘we should be harnessing the Irish Diaspora from around the world, to get jobs back to Ireland.”

The process behind Connect Ireland is very simple; a person registers details via the Connect Ireland website or by contacting the company directly. Next you can give contact details relating to companies outside of Ireland and Connect Ireland will assess the suitability of the company, with IDA Ireland. An appointment will be set up with the proposed company, outlining the benefits of coming to Ireland. When that company comes to Ireland, the register then receives €1500 for every job that is created. Half the money is paid one year after the jobs are in place and the remainder at the end of the second year.

But why come to Ireland? Mark details the facts and benefits open to companies that set up a business in Ireland; “Forbes, in 2011, said that it is the best place to do business in Europe. It is the only English speaking country in Europe. All the leading companies are already here [Dell, Microsoft, Google, Facebook]. Ireland is low tax and pro business, with 12 ½ corporate tax rate and we have a highly skilled workforce.”

Mark sums up all the benefits of Connect Ireland with an incentive to Irish Pub owners.

If a link advertising Connect Ireland is placed on their Irish pub website, not only will members who have registered with Connect Ireland get €1500, the business where the website comes from will also get an additional €125 per job created.

You can access their home page at the following address:

Source: Conor Flynn,  Irish Pubs Global