Lough Ree Distillery are offering the chance to win a Free Cask of Single Pot Still Whiskey to those who sign up for The Ambassador Programme.

As you raise your glass, glistening shards of golden light pass through its amber beauty, transporting you to the banks of Lough Ree. It’s all connected: the pure water, the grain-ripening sun, the glass of whiskey – your whiskey, our whiskey, Lough Ree whiskey.

Your whiskey, if you have joined The Lough Ree Distillery Ambassador Programme. As part of this select group, your personal cask sits ageing in the Lough Ree Distillery warehouse. It’s the start of a connection that will make you proud and humble: proud to be part of such a vibrant and forward-looking enterprise – humbled by the enormous heritage you’re holding for future generations. Better still, those who sign up as members of this exclusive group are in with a chance to win another cask – free.

When Lough Ree whiskeys, gins and liqueurs begin to appear in bars, restaurants, and Duty Free shops, Lough Ree Distillery Ambassadors will be able to say: “I helped make that happen!” Even after your cask is bottled and savoured, you can still come back to the tasting room – The Library at Lough Ree – overlooking the silvery waters of Lough Ree, to sample and enjoy later releases.

Lough Ree Distillery was founded by the Clancy siblings – two brothers and a sister. As well as a commitment to their hometown of Lanesborough, they each bring their own specific expertise and experience to the venture. Now, through The Ambassador Programme, they’re connecting with fellow members of the worldwide family of Whiskey lovers.

As you head through Lanesborough, just before the bridge across to Roscommon, you’ll see an imposing three-storey house. This building, dating from 1806, will soon be the Visitor Experience, while Lough Ree Distillery itself is being built to the rear. It’s an independently-minded venture, focused on quality, producing Single Pot Still and Single Malt Irish Whiskey, as well as a range of other spirits (Gin, Póitin, Fruit Spirits and Liqueurs). For the Clancys, this is a long-term project. As well as their love of quality whiskey, the location is hugely important to them. As Michael puts it “We are committed to making the finest, most highly regarded Irish spirits and send them out, from our hometown, to be shared among spirits enthusiasts across the world”.

“For us, it’s about connection” adds Peter Clancy. “Connecting Whiskey tradition with modern technology. Connecting the gentle pace of life in rural Ireland, with the confidence and vision of a new generation. And of course we are connected to, and rooted in, Lanesborough, our hometown.”

The Lough Ree Distillery Ambassador Programme

The Lough Ree Distillery Ambassador Programme is offering casks from the first 1,000 produced. Those who purchase a cask will not only have a valuable asset aging at the distillery, they will also have a whole list of benefits and privileges. Discounts in the Distillery Shop and Visitors’ Centre, access to the exclusive Library at Lough Ree, first options on future whiskey releases, an invitation to the annual Ambassadors’ Gathering in Lanesborough and a great deal more.

When bottled – with your personalised label – your cask of Lough Ree Distillery Whiskey is available for you to share as you please, whether with family friends, customers and clients, or to sell on. But of course the real pleasure comes from enjoying and savouring the finest Irish whiskey.

To find out more and sign up as a Lough Ree Distillery Ambassador, see www.loughreedistillery.ie.