3710341_Register with Paper_07HIt’s bad enough when you have a thieving staff member or a manager that thinks it’s their right to fiddle the accounts while they line their pockets, but it’s double the trouble when the staff member and manager collude to defraud you and your business.

It’s more common than you think and a recent conversation with an industry consultant reminded me that you can never underestimate the potential for fraud in the bar.

Here are a few methods of collusion that you should be aware of:

Boyfriend & Girlfriend

The classic “couple on a mission” who can cover for one another, aid each other and double the chances of you losing money and liquid assets in a short space of time. Some bars and restaurants do not allow staff members to date and don’t emply married couples. A difficult thing to enforce, but if you can’t legislate against itm think about having htem work different shifts.

Staff Member & Manager

A manager confides in a staff member that certain “opportunities” exist if they work together. This can be a difficult thing to spot unless controls are in place to audit the management team as well as just the staff members.

Staff Member & Customer/Friend

A staff member utilizes the assistance of a friend or patron outside the bar counter who may distract other customers while theft is taking place or might help open rear gates/doors to aid the theft. A customer might order drinks all night yet never pay full price. Some bars don’t allow friends of staff members or off duty staff members on the premises to avoid the chances of fraud.

Just a few possible situations to bear in mind in your business. Got your suspicions? Take action today!