Dobiquity is revolutionising daily work life in pubs by helping operators to digitise multiple operational activities from a single platform.

Research shows that hospitality enterprises, and especially pubs, lag far behind other sectors when it comes to digitisation. That’s probably not all too surprising though, given that the focus in our industry tends to be on the ‘here and now’ and this often prevents publicans from exploring more strategic issues like digitisation. Recent scoping research amongst pub managers highlighted five main reasons why apps and other digital solutions aren’t being more frequently used and the key blockages, with some sample comments, are shown:

  • Fear of the unknown – ‘how will the apps work in practice, will they distract people from their work?’

  • Security/stability concerns – ‘what if the technology fails or we get hacked?’

  • Happy with the status quo – ‘why would we change, things work just fine as they are?’

  • Too many options – ‘I’ve been contacted by several app providers recently, it’s too much!’

  • A general ‘technophobia’ – ‘I’m not very techie, you know, sure I struggle with texting.’

These are natural fears but the proven benefits of replacing outdated manual processes and paperwork with user-friendly apps is well established. By not ‘doing more digitally’ publicans are missing out on a great opportunity to drive down costs and increase efficiency.

A new venture, Dobiquity (, is helping publicans to make better use of technology at an operational level. For a very affordable annual subscription fee, and from one single platform, Dobiquity offers a growing collection of apps and analytics that help publicans to save time and money, work smarter and make better decisions. The apps are easy to use and can be quickly integrated into any operation – regardless of size. The products currently available include:

  • On-the-Job Training App – often on-the-job training in pubs either doesn’t happen or is poorly recorded which can lead to significant problems. This revolutionary app totally removes day-to-day paperwork from operational skills training, making it far more efficient to manage, improving legal compliance and strengthening management oversight of this critical activity.

  • Mystery Shopper App – allows publicans to self-manage the mystery shopper process without the need to engage the services of a professional shopper, resulting in big savings whilst still providing a high quality assessment of the customer experience.

  • Employee Survey App – streamlines the measurement of employee satisfaction and engagement levels using an online survey tool.

  • Customer Feedback App – digitises the customer feedback process and amongst other features allows publicans to gather feedback from customers whilst onsite.

Dobiquity will shortly launch a Manager’s Log App that will allow managers and staff to digitally log complaints, accidents & incidents, maintenance issues, shift hand-over comments etc. on a daily basis. Plus, many more apps and data services are in the pipeline.

To find out more about how Dobiquity can help you to change how you work, visit and register for your 15-day, no obligation free trial; or call Blathnaid at
+353 (0) 1 6392965 for more information.