Gr8niteout is an innovative new website that makes it possible for drinks to be bought from around the world and enjoyed in any pub/bar/hotel registered to the Gr8niteout website.

We Irish have been leaving Ireland for hundreds of years and settling in every corner of the globe but our hearts belong to Ireland. Today through social media we stay in contact with our loved ones, our friends and our local pubs. We know what’s happening in our friends lives, what’s going on in our towns and what events are on in the local pubs. Social media keeps us connected. 

We see our pubs packed to the rafters at Christmas, Easter, and in the Summer family members return, tourists arrive and business is booming. A few short weeks later and pubs are empty, holidays are over and everyone leaves.

For any pub registered to Gr8niteout, these people can still buy a drink in your bar!  

Using Gr8niteout means you no longer need to be in the same pub, town or even country to buy your friend a drink. A pub credit could be purchased in Perth, Australia and 2 minutes later, that drink could be enjoyed in McDonnells Bar in Belmullet Co Mayo, Ireland.

How does it work?

Once a Credit is purchased, a text message is sent to both the recipient and the bar. Both have the same uniquely generated ID number.  Pubs receive the money immediately on completion of the transaction. To redeem the credit you simply take it to the bar where its checked and then is used as cash. Transactions are completed using PayPal making it totally secure.

The applications for pub credits are endless; a birthday drink, a bottle of Champagne for the wedding of the year, a “sorry I can’t make it” drink, a “well done” drink. A drink for every occasion from around the world.

Irish pubs abroad are one of the first things we seek out when we are away. After two weeks we are on first name terms with all the staff and the owners. When we move abroad it becomes our home away from home, easing the home sickness and giving us a taste of Ireland we sorely miss. Pub Credits are sent abroad for the same reasons and are not just limited to drinks but can also be used for food and board. All credits are valid for 6 months.

Gr8niteout  gives each pub their own profile page. There is also a caught on camera feature which enables pubs to upload CCTV stills of crimes against you, your staff or your premises, a forum for Publicans only. We sell catering equipment at the lowest price online (UK & Ireland only) through our group buying. You can buy or sell used pub/catering items.

They have a drinks buying group in the UK only, have partnered with Molson Coors and claim they will beat any prices you presently pay. You could also qualify for up to 33% off your Sky Subscription.

Speaking to founder Sheila Gaughan, she explains “We are really excited as we are launching our Gr8niteout App in January as a free download. Owning an Irish pub myself I feel passionately about helping fellow bar owners as much as I can.” For more information, you can contact Sheila on