Diageo has introduced a free 360° virtual tour of the Guinness Storehouse and four of its Scottish Malt Whiskey distilleries. Google Business View incorporates the availability of the Guinness Storehouse on Google Indoor maps and Street view. It allows anyone from anywhere in the world free access to take an interactive tour of the Storehouse on their laptops, tablets and other personal devices.

The general public will now have full access to a virtual online tour of the 7 floors of the famous tourist attraction which saw 1.26 million people visiting the storehouse in 2014. The tour begins in the atrium and ends at the beautiful top floor Gravity bar, the highest bar in Dublin City.

Diageo are one of the first to incorporate Google Business View into their companies. Venky Balakrishnan, Global Vice President, digital innovation for Diageo has stated; “Google Business View brings the immersive experience of visiting these famous landmarks to people regardless of where they are in the world. Seeing and feeling the incredible history, craft and quality first-hand will bring them closer to the brands they love. This is a great example of how we are using cutting-edge technology to pay tribute to centuries old traditions.”


Image from http://www.guinness-storehouse.com