Every time I walk into a bar or cafe with my laptop, you’ll find me walking around staring at the floor looking for a power outlet (“socket” for my European friends).

I’m not the only one. If you offer Wi-Fi (and any regular reader of this blog will know that I think you should), then five minutes spent observing the to-ing and fro-ing will show you countless other customers doing the same. It’s not a big problem until you start tripping over things you haven’t been watching out for and get accused of staring at people’s legs when all you want to do is get to a power supply before the twenty open windows on your computer that you’ve been meaning to save crash and disappear.

The Cafe I used as my office today have decided to make life that little bit easier for their customers by putting a little sign over each table that has a power supply beneath it. Simple and clever. No more staring at legs for me.