Dear Members & Friends,

It was a great pleasure to be able to announce our rebranding to Irish Hospitality Global at the Gathering 2018, our recent annual conference and awards ceremony in Galway. After 8 years of the federation being known as Irish Pubs Global we felt the time was right to review the brand against an ever changing and highly competitive world. Our decision to rebrand as Irish Hospitality Global is a strategic response to the decline in the numbers of Irish pubs and bars that we are seeing around the world. Our key belief is what makes the Irish Pub different to it’s competitors is not just the unique physical product we produce but the brilliant welcoming experience that customers get when they come through the doors. That WELCOME and clear focus on giving the customer a great personal experience through the people, products and service they engage with is what has led us to choose Hospitality as the core of our brand. Customers use words like Welcoming, Generous, Friendly, Fun, Craic, Family and Community to describe how the best Irish Pubs make them feel. For us, those feelings are best captured by the inclusive concept of Hospitality. So for the next stage of our journey as a global community of Irish Pub owners, managers and stakeholders we unite under a brand with a focus on how we make our customers feel.

Mise le meas,
Colm O’Reilly
CEO Irish Hospitality Global