Starbucks is the largest coffee-house company in the world, and by emulating a few of their tactics your Irish Pub could increase revenue this holiday season.

Starbucks creates a sense of anticipation for the holiday season; with its iconic festive Red Cup’s, which launch the introduction of limited offer products like eggnog and gingerbread lattes, something which your Irish Pub could replicate.

To emphasis their new drinks they offer ‘buy one get one free’ promotion days so everyone gets a taste; rather then 50% off and suggesting their product is worth half of its full mark value, it encourages customers to bring along a friend.

They began the 12 days of Christmas on December 1st, with an offer on a food item, music or drink each day.

Is your Irish Pub offering seasonal menu’s?

Starbucks doesn’t only attract and retain customers by promotions in store, it is what they do outside their coffee store that improves their image.

Many U.S. Starbucks bought out all the parking meters around their stores in major markets to give free parking outside their stores, this seemingly small gesture makes a big difference. The red cups ‘imitations’ were put over the meters brightly saying, ‘Enjoy the Gift of Parking’ ‘It’s Time for holiday magic’ ‘This One’s On Us’ phrases immediately associated the red cups with a gesture of goodwill and more customers stopped in for a drink. What better billboard advertisement for their brand then a giant cup saving them money?

What can your Irish Pub do outside it’s walls to draw customers in and make them smile, associating your brand with the same thoughtfulness Starbucks brand radiates.

Starbucks parking meter stunt is a talking point, a good deed with tangible benefits; getting the customers straight into their store with free parking.

With coffee as its main product, Starbucks continue to introduce new products in order to get customers to spend more money in their stores. The company knows that customers would want something else with their coffee; hence they introduced hot sandwiches and pastries to go along with the coffee as well as books, mugs and CDs. Perhaps your Irish Pub could diversify it’s products, by putting the Irish Pub Music playing on display or having small ad on’s available. Because of Starbuck’s legendary comfortable seating area, relaxed atmosphere and free wireless Internet access; customers spend more and increase the stores’ revenues by purchasing more coffee, food items and other products. In fact, their most successful stores turn out to be the ones where customers loiter the most. They welcome people staying awhile in their stores, as they then have greater opportunity to market to them their other products.

The truth is, though, that the comfortable chairs and couches have turned out to be a counterintuitive economic asset. They create loyalty. They drive business that might otherwise go elsewhere. They contribute to multiple customers gathering — and spending. Is your Irish Pub too caught up in “monetizing” your customers, instead of creating a business environment where they don’t feel like a fiscal gun is always being held to their heads? This holiday season, demonstrate some patience and confidence; confidence that if treated well, your customers will come back even if you’re not the cheapest cup of coffee, or pint, in town.