Zip Bier Technologies are one of the popular commercial exhibitors who exhibited at the Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fair in the CCD in Dublin last month.  Irish Pubs Global were the only partners in that hugely successful event and we are organising this exclusive trip to Hungary for pub owners/restaurateurs and brewers on 1st April to visit Zip’s facilities and premises.

They are a very high quality producer of beautifully designed automated microbrew, brewpub and craft brewing systems in Hungary. They supply modern brewpubs and craft brewers all over the world and their brewing equipment can be a real feature and attraction for the pub or restaurant.

They’re also accomplished brewers and they supply pubs and restaurants around Europe with their own award-winning beers. They also own modern restaurants and brewpubs around Hungary where they serve excellent food and brew their own beers on the premises using their own microbrew systems.

A maximum of 12 pub owners, restaurateurs and brewers will fly into Budapest from Dublin on the morning of Tues 1st April and return the evening of Wed 2nd April. We will be picked up by our own minibus and transferred to the ancient Hungarian city of Miskolc. One of the oldest inhabited places in Europe, Miskolc is a beautiful, small city with stunning Baroque buildings, thermal cave spas and some stunning views across the Bükk Mountains.

We’ll visit the Zip Bier Technologies factory and brewery where you’ll see the various different set ups and sizes of micro-brewery and pub-brew systems which they manufacture. You’ll get to taste their beers and learn how to easily and consistently brew your own beers for your premises at a very cheap cost. If you are interested in stocking their award-winning beers, they can discuss supply and pricing. If you are interested in using their larger brewing systems to open a craft brewery then they’ll be able to advise you. They’ll answer any questions about their systems and about setting up a successful brewpub or microbrewery.

We’ll also see some of Zip’s brewing systems working in their brewpub/restaurant in Miskolc where we’ll sample some of their beers and enjoy the fantastic food on offer. This gives you the opportunity to see a brew system in use in an actual working bar/restaurant and see how the various beers work with great food. We’ll also meet with the Chairman and members of the Hungarian Craft Brewers Association.

Overnight accommodation and breakfast will be in a 3-4 star hotel in Miskolc and the next day we’ll travel 50 mins into Slovakia to the Kaltenecker Brewery and restaurant where you can taste and learn about some of the fantastic beers on offer there and enjoy some local food. This craft brewery originally started life as a restaurant brewery.

Heading back to Budapest, we’ll get a chance to visit a few pubs and enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in Europe before flying back to Dublin.

The cost of this two day trip is €650 plus vat and includes DAA lounge access, tours, consultations, flights, transfers, accommodation, meals, beer tastings and excursions.

If you would like to join us on this special trip, please give me a call or email Kevin McParland Mob:+353 862104584 before Friday 14th March. We will need your company credit card details to book and a scan of your passport to process your booking.

If you have any friends, colleagues or associates in the Pub, Restaurant or Brewing industries that would be interested in this or another trip, please forward this link onto them. Click here to read how the first trip went.

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