The Irish have had a presence in Baltimore since the 1840s. Their pubs are as much a part of their culture and identity as crab cakes are a part of Charm City. Baltimore is home to America’s oldest Irish bar, Patrick’s on Pratt Street, which has been around since 1847. You’ll find about twenty other pubs and Irish restaurants sprinkled throughout downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.

If you’re looking to stay near the Inner Harbor, you can eat, drink, and be merry at places like Tir Na Nog or Dudas Tavern. If you’d rather be away from the downtown crowd, pubs like Dougherty’s and Mick O’Shea’s in Mount Vernon, can provide an easy enough escape.

These bars have plenty of history to them that any loyal patron would be willing to share. Businesses like The Horse and Ryan’s Daughter are decorated with centuries-old furnishings and other antiques imported from Ireland. Bars like Slainte keep the fare pretty traditional while others like Tir Na Nog add new American flare to its dishes.

If you’re in town to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Canton is where you want to be for Claddagh Pub’s annual street party. Any other time of the year, many of Baltimore’s Irish pubs will offer you music, sports, or entertainment along with your corned beef and Guinness. With such lively atmospheres, you might ask yourself who needs a club if you have a well-rounded Irish bar?

Source: Tawanna Browne Smith,