Section A - Food Management

Getting the Basics Right

Getting The Basics Right

Irish Pub Food Introduction

The Basics -the building blocks of our food offering

Your Irish Pub Food Objective

The General Manager & Kitchen Manager – reporting relationships, duties & requirements

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Section B - Food Management

Creating and Managing Your Menu

Creating & Managing Your Menu

Recommended Food Items

Basic Menu Management

Costing and Pricing The Menu

How to Analyze Food Cost & Price Your Menu

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Section C - Food Management

Managing Food Quality

Managing Food Quality

Selection of Vendors

Back Door Quality Check

FIFO & Expiration Date Monitoring

Line Tasting

Presentation Check

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Section D - Food Management

Kitchen Operating Procedures

Kitchen Operation Procedures

Daily Preparation Volumes

Kitchen Sanitation

Food Contamination

Kitchen Safety Procedures

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Section E - HR Management



Recruitment sources

The Interview Process

Interviewing Techniques

Ending the Interview

Interview Follow-Up

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Section F - HR Management

Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

General Manager Job Description

Bar Supervisor Job Description

Kitchen Manager Job Description

Waitstaff Job Description

More Job Descriptions

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