Jameson Irish whiskey has kicked off St. Patrick’s Day for 2018 with its seventh annual limited-edition bottle design. For this year’s design, Jameson has collaborated with a group of artists, representing the bravery, unity and opportunities that are possible when friends come together.

The design process was led by Irish illustrator Claudine O’Sullivan, who recruitied two of her close friends from different creative fields to form a collective to curate the label. Irish photographer Leonn Ward and British designer, Alex Mellon, joined O’Sullivan, resulting in a design that celebrates the openness and spirit of friendship that Ireland is renowned for.

The bottle is inspired by the Fianna; mythological Irish warriors known for valuing loyalty and bravery – the foundation of every strong friendship. Claudine’s soaring eagle, drawn by hand, is to represent the unity felt by the silhouette of three friends on a night out, shot against Dublin’s Ha’penny Bridge by Leonn. The three friends on the label are depicted rallying around banners and symbols representing Irish tribes of past and present, drawn by Alex, and are set to inspire whiskey drinkers around the world to come together and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Jameson.

Each limited-edition bottle is equipped with a near field communication (NFC) chip, which allows consumers to access content on www.jamesonwhiskey.com to find out more about the artists and the story behind the design.

Claudine O’Sullivan, lead designer on the project commented “Over the past 18 months, Leonn, Alex and I have come together from our different disciplines with the same vision – to create a clean, fresh and impactful design that brings the spirit of the Fianna and Ireland’s history of embellishment in storytelling to life.”

Simon Fay, International Marketing Director at Irish Distillers, added “Dublin has long been a city of artists, adventurers and friends, so for Jameson’s 2018 limited edition bottle we collaborated with three artists with different creative backgrounds to celebrate true friendship. St. Patrick’s Day is Jameson’s second Christmas and is synonymous with great friends getting together, so we are confident that our new seasonal release will encourage modern day adventurers to enjoy Jameson together during their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.”

The limited edition bottle will be available in 35 countries, including Ireland, Japan and Australia, from February 2018.