Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub opened its doors at midnight on Friday, October 31st 1980 and has since become one of Savannah Georgia’s favorite traditions!

Vic Power, who hails originally from New York and is a second generation Irishman, grew up listening to the history of Ireland from his father and grandfather who were both from Waterford, Ireland.  Mr. Power became a restaurateur who wanted to share his love of Irish history and music by opening up a “little Irish joint” where “good Irish music” could be heard 7 nights a week.    

Mr. Power had a simple vision:

Providing locals and visiting guests from around the world excellent customer service, fine spirits, and quality food in a traditional Irish pub setting with an inviting Old World charm.  

Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub honors our military members past and present while striving to preserve a welcoming environment for lively conversations complemented by world-renowned troubadours singing songs of Ireland.

For 35 years, without fail, Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub has provided nightly Irish music by world renowned troubadours such as Danny Doyle, Harry O’Donoghue, Cahir O’Doherty, and Gabriel Donohue among many others who have performed in the Listening Room at Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub singing songs and telling stories of Ireland.

Upstairs at Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub in our smaller function room, Liberty Hall, named for Liberty Hall in Dublin, the room depicts a story of Irish independence and celebrates the Uprising by the brave men and women who fought to gain independence in the early 20th century. 

Built in 1854, the building which houses Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub is located in one of historic River Street’s oldest buildings. Used as a cotton and grain warehouse prior to the American Civil War, the building has a history all its own.  A foundation built of ballast stones and Savannah gray brick, its floors and main bar are made of indigenous heart pine wood.  Upon walking into the pub, guests often say the aroma and music that surrounds them engulfs their senses and takes them to a land far, far away.

Later this month, Saturday, October 31st 2015, Kevin Barry’s Pub will celebrate its 35th anniversary on the west end of historic River Street in beautiful Savannah, GA.  While much has changed along the River, Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub remains a staple in the community.  Where free wifi is offered and televisions are often a focal point in pubs around the country, Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub remains traditional and believes in old fashioned “facetime” so that guests can talk and get to know one another without the distraction of Toyota advertisements and Facebook.    

Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub is often a home away from home for visiting Irish and we strive to maintain the core values of the Irish pub: Craic, Community, and Culture.  If you are ever in our beautiful city of Savannah, known to many as the Dublin of the South, Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub extends C’ead Mile Failte!