Already popular in Berlin, New York and London, this summer light alcohol long drinks are set to take Ireland by storm.

Sebastian Brack, the owner of the iconic Belsazar vermouth range travelled to Dublin last week to present a new wave of mixology focused on superior recipe and taste – and these drinks are three times lighter in alcohol than standard equivalents.

Brack, the man who invented the revolutionary Thomas Henry tonic range in 2010, says the drinks brands he creates are led by the extensive variety of consumer tastes across the world. He went on to invent the Belsazar range of Vermouth in 2013.

“People want to be able to enjoy a cocktail at a variety of times, for example on a Saturday afternoon – but also enjoy other leisure activities afterwards. These lighter drinks allow for that.”

Belsazar light alcohol signature drinks have now become drinks menu highlights in top bars and restaurants in cities such as New York and London.

Compared to other long drinks like a Vodka & Tonic, which clocks in at about 12-14% vol., Belsazar drinks such as the Rosé and Dry Tonic and the Red & Ginger, have an alcohol content of about 4% vol. alc., making them a lighter but exciting alternative. 

Vermouth, a fortified wine, has always been an essential ingredient of classic cocktails, which left their mark in cocktail history over 100 years ago. With its complex yet light, sweet and floral flavour profiles, vermouth is a perfect all-rounder in traditional cocktails and as a base for new intriguing compositions.

Belsazar vermouth from Germany’s Blackforest region merges the creativity and vitality of Berlin with the taste of exclusive natural wines and spices to create a unique vermouth. High quality, regionally produced wines from Southern Baden are exclusively used to produce Belsazar.

Each variety of Belsazar has its own macerates, consisting of extracts from herbs, spices, blossom, husks and peels, which are left to mature in large demijohns. The finishing touch comes from a dash of fruit brandy. The vermouth is then stored in stone casks to allow its range of complex aromas and flavours to develop.

Just four years on the market, the brand is already a major international hit, as a component of classic cocktails such as the Negroni, the Dry Martini or the Manhattan whilst also spearheading the trend for lighter long drinks occasions.

Brack says the timing to launch in Ireland is perfect: “Irish mixologists are highly sophisticated; they are well-travelled and extremely knowledgeable and know the trends before they happen. We believe the lower alcohol Vermouth long drinks will be ideal for a variety of social occasions in Ireland this summer.” 


Belsazar will be distributed in Ireland by Dalcassian Wines & Spirits.