Managing time and attendance properly couldn’t be more important for today’s pub owner. With a massive percent of pub-staff still signing in on sheets, and receiving their rosters on excel – the ability to see what is happening in your business simply isn’t there, instead it is replaced with an office full of paper.

As a pub owner, you have a lot to think about. Aside from keeping your customers happy, you need to keep an eye on your employee operations, such as:

  • Keeping compliant with labour laws & GDPR

  • Managing contracts and employee documents

  • Tracking employee holidays and time off

  • Keeping Labour costs to a minimum

  • Hit Sales & Labour spend targets

  • Managing daily checks

  • Paying staff correctly

In some cases, an owner must do this for multiple locations, leaving them blindsided, and unknowingly haemorrhaging money into their labour spend.

With Bizimply, you can see your employees clock-in/out info across the business from your phone in real-time. Schedules, rotas, timecards, payroll, all done in a click. With central HR features and strong reporting tools, you will have full control of your team-operations. 

With 1600+ locations and 25,000 employees using Bizimply today, we would love to see you join our war on paper.

Here are some of our lovely customers’ comments:

“1 month since using Bizimply and we’ve already seen 1% improvement in our labour sales. This is a cost saving we didn’t expect to see so quickly.”

“We’re also saving a full day per week on payroll.”

  • Gavin Merry, LT Pubs, UK

“Fast and simple way of rostering, staff versus turnover margin, and easy export to Wage payroll software saves me hours every week”

  • Jim “Flash” Gordon, Revolution & Oskars Bars Waterford

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