A Midleton man has been inducted into a hall of fame honouring noteworthy individuals who’ve made a lasting contribution to the world of whiskey. Barry Crockett, former master distiller at the Irish Distillers’ Midleton Distillery, has become the 17th inductee into the coveted Whisky Magazine’s Hall of Fame.

Awarded by ex-editor of Whisky Magazine, Rob Allanson, at the publication’s annual awards ceremony in London, Mr Crockett (66) was recognised for his contribution to the growth of Irish whiskey during his 47-year career with Irish Distillers. He was commended for “redefining Irish whiskey by combining technology, innovation, and craftsmanship with a deep sense of history” and overseeing operations at Midleton during “some of the most eventful times in Irish whiskey’s history”.

Mr Crockett, who retired last year, said he was “deeply honoured” to join the list of “whiskey greats” in the Hall of Fame. “The success of Irish whiskey around the world in recent years has given me a great deal of pleasure and I am particularly proud to have been able to contribute to its development,” he said.

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