Following a £1m-plus investment the new Malones Edinburgh has opened, with a 28-metre mural dedicated to Father Ted taking centre stage.

The mural, created by artist Chris Rutterford, features favourites Father Ted Crilly, Father Dougal McGuire, Father Jack Hackett, Mrs Doyle, Bishop Brennan and other legendary Craggy Island characters.

The award-winning Malones pub group had been searching for a new location in Edinburgh since the start of last year when its previous venue was sold to another leisure and hospitality business. The site for the new bar was acquired at the end of last year.

The new venue has been completely refurbished and will offer more than 25 beers, from Guinness to its very own brew. In addition, five giant copper tanks for speciality Tennent’s Tank Lager have been installed and more than 70 whiskies are on offer.

The previous Malones Edinburgh and a pop-up city centre version of the bar led to the Best Entertainment Experience UK award win at last year’s Irish Pub Global Awards in Dublin. There are also Malones pubs in Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Simon Keane, director at Malones Irish Bars, commented “After a long break … the craic is back! We’re delighted to be re-launching Malones in Edinburgh. We’re all huge Father Ted fans at Malones and we even hold a Father Ted festival each year to raise money for charity. We’re delighted with Chris’s mural. It must be one of the largest tributes to Father Ted – it’s a stunning piece of work.”

Creator of the mural, Chris Rutterford, saidWhen we decided to go with the Father Ted theme for the staircase I really felt we were on holy ground – it’s one of the funniest shows there’s ever been. I love it. 

“I’ve produced lots of murals over the past few years but this felt a wee bit intimidating – it’s such a classic. There was no shortage of iconic moments and characters to include. I spent a full night ploughing through the shows looking for the thread of the story. The final piece is a bit like a graphic novel – an invitation to visit Craggy Island from the comfort of the new Malones.”

The new Malones Edinburgh is located at 242 Morrison Street and is open from 9am to 1am six days a week, and from 12.30 on Sundays.