28 03, 2018

7 tips on responding to negative online reviews

When you search for a restaurant, cafe or pub, it’s likely that you’ll also read a review of the place on Google, Facebook or Tripadvisor before visiting it. Online reviews are increasingly becoming important for hospitality businesses. In 2015, 87% of potential customers wouldn’t consider visiting businesses with low ratings or reviews. For a business owner that’s a lot of people that they’re losing out on because of a negative review or rating. Some of this can often be prevented by a good and sincere response that shows your customers you care. So how should you best respond when you get a negative review? Here are some tips to consider: 1  Don’t just ignore it Unfortunately, with everything being online, all posts, comments and reviews are visible to the public, so they will also see if you don’t respond. Unless [...]

26 10, 2017

Last call for Good Friday Ban & other legal updates

The Government has been busy addressing three topical matters involving the sale of alcohol in Ireland. The most prominent is the legislative change to repeal a 90 year old law banning the sale of alcohol on Good Friday. We examine the scope of these proposals and the likely impact on the drinks and tourism industries. Removing the Good Friday prohibition: The Intoxicating Liquor (Amendment) Bill 2017, introduced on 23 February 2017, has passed all stages in the Seanad. If enacted this law will repeal the law prohibiting the sale of alcohol at all licensed premises on Good Friday (30 March next year). This Bill is expected to come before the Dáil later this year. In 2010 an important Leinster v Munster rugby match took place on Good Friday. Publicans in Limerick along with the vintners associations successfully applied for an [...]

24 08, 2017

5 tips to help increase sales in your Irish pub

5 helpful ideas that may help you increase sales from, the Irish hospitality marketing experts specialising in all areas of Digital, Creative and Branding for Irish Pubs and Bars. Focus on Your Audience Hospitality is a service industry, but owners and managers often mistakenly target people who are out of their markets. Irish bars survive on returning customers, so your promotions must appeal to your core customers and newcomers who appreciate the kind of operation you’re running. Your neighbourhood bar probably won’t appeal to multimillionaire entrepreneurs unless they’re local eccentrics. By the same token, local factory workers aren’t likely to respond to upscale promotions that feature drinks made from pricey, top-shelf liquors and exotic ingredients. Irish bars need to be seen to promote Irish drinks, even if the order at the bar is more conventional. If you’re targeting corporate [...]

18 10, 2016

Dobiquity: Hospitality Apps Partner to Irish Pubs Global

Dobiquity: Hospitality Apps Partner to Irish Pubs Global. The award-winning Dobiquity Apps are providing smart hospitality owners with brilliant and unique insight to their own business, their customers, their staff and helping reduce paperwork etc for staff training. Dobiquity Apps are a must-have for any Irish pub who quickly and easily wants to audit their customer service, collect customer feedback, survey their customers or streamline the management of on-the-job training. Irish Pubs Global Members receive 3 months full access absolutely free. Contact for your free 3 months trial. Your browser does not support iframes.

15 09, 2016

5 Tips For Keeping Informed On Your Industry

Running a pub or restaurant is a busy occupation and it can often be unpredictable. That combination of busyness and unpredictability can easily prevent you and your management team from staying informed about what's happening in your industry and in related industries. Here are 5 tips for staying informed: If you have a regular management meeting, ask one manager at each meeting to present briefly (no more than five minutes) on a chosen current industry topic. The topics can be food trends, employment legislation, new craft beers or changes to any licensing regulations…or anything that educates the group.   Attend at least two hospitality industry shows per year, and if there is one event specific to your part of the industry, don't miss it.   Sign up for industry newsletters or industry sites that provide daily downloads of relevant information. You [...]

31 08, 2016

5 Tips To Make Inventory Count Easier

It's Monday morning again and you are facing into two or three hours of beverage inventory count after a busy week. Not a pleasant prospect but here are some tips for making it a bit easier.   Take inventory early in the morning and before there are any interruptions. This way you can take your time, enjoy your coffee and get a more accurate count. Have the Sunday night bartender restock the bar refrigerators so you know at a glance how many beer bottles they contain. Have the Sunday night bartender clear all empty kegs out of the walk-in, leaving only fulls and partials for you to count. Have the Sunday night bartender do the count in the liquor room so all you have to do is spot-check it. Don't try and complete all the paperwork on Monday morning. On [...]

23 06, 2016

Keeping Your Irish Pub Relevant- Part 1

Twenty years ago, at the height of their explosive expansion throughout the world, and especially in Europe and North America, Irish Pubs resonated with consumers on multiple levels, creating a destination venue in their community that had a unique attraction. The special ambiance and charm that permeated from great design, home-cooked food, friendly employees and great music brought a sense of Ireland to those who had never visited the country, but knew of its great pub culture. No matter what major city in the world, if you found the local Irish Pub, you generally found a quality experience, memorable for its warmth and conviviality. The cultural markers of the pub experience in Ireland were being replicated faithfully and it was possible for consumers in Hamburg, Rome, Chicago and Shanghai to get an authentic taste of it. The sense of connection [...]

2 06, 2016

Pricing Your Menu Profitably & Competitively

If you adopt a cost-plus approach to menu pricing (that is to say applying a standard margin over your cost to set the price), it may not be the most effective way to maximize how much your customer is prepared to pay. Pricing your menu is certainly helped greatly by knowing what your raw costs are, but the success of your menu pricing is mainly influenced by how well you understand your guests, and how well you understand your guests is driven by how closely you observe their purchasing behaviours and patterns. Before you sit down and contemplate a menu change, there are certain pieces of information you must have and all of them are at your fingertips.            Basic Information You Need So let's look at the basic information you should have to hand before [...]

2 06, 2016

6 Tips For Making A Menu Change Quickly & Effectively

Making a menu change can be a lengthy, complicated and stressful process unless it's managed correctly. How many of us have planned a menu change to take three weeks and have watched it morph into a six or eight week exercise? However, a few small steps that you take in between menu changes will help you enormously when the time comes for the actual change. Keep a weekly record of the number of items that you sell. This comes from you POS systems product mix report and if you take five minutes each week to put these on a spreadsheet, you'll keep on top of what's selling and what's not selling. Keep a monthly check on what your competitors are charging for menu items that you both carry, or that are similar. This exercise keeps you on top of prevailing [...]

17 05, 2016

6 Tips For Minimising Waste In Your Kitchen

Waste or shrinkage is a feature of any kitchen, accounting for anything between 1%-2% of food sales. However, if your waste percentage is more than that or you have a gut feeling that there is more waste or shrinkage than there should be, consider the following: Minimise the amount of food you are keeping in your freezer. Freezers can become a convenient storage area for food items that will eventually be dumped because they've been there for so long. Use up items in your freezer for specials and features. Replace your black garbage bags with clear plastic bags. Ensure that everyone sees what is getting thrown out and prevent any concealment. Keep a waste book in the kitchen and ask for a record to be kept of anything thrown out. This will raise awareness among your employees, especially if you [...]