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19 05, 2016

Arthaus Paint Effects Transforms the new to old

ArtHaus Paint Effects is a very talented specialist paint effect company based in Ireland who specialise in the trademark decorative finishes associated with Irish pubs. They have the unique creative ability to be able to work in many styles on all surfaces, walls, ceilings, wood work, bar front, bar back, wood panelling, and plaster moulding to create wonderful original art and effects to completely transform a pub or subtley enhance its existing personality. Dymphna & Noel ArtHaus is run by Dymphna & Noel Tate. Both have a Fine Art background and their skills and talent show in abundance in their original artwork, murals and old style signage as well as their full walls and ceilings effect. They've worked alongside many of the great design companies Ireland has to offer in the pub design and build sectors, decor and refurb sectors. Traditional Irish bars are [...]

12 10, 2009

Do you have a Designated Driver Incentive?

As business owners, we all have a social responsibility to our community. Something that every bar owner should do is provide an incentive for designated drivers. Apart from the community kudos, you might keep a group of drinkers in your bar longer if there is a driver to take them home afterwards. In Ireland, Coca Cola sponsors a designated driver campaign around holidays to great success. Below is a picture of a sign at the entrance to the famous piano bar Howl at the Moon in San Antonio Texas which I took last week showing their promotion. What can you do in your business?

15 09, 2009

My Bar, My Way

Sign hanging over the bar in the Billy Goat Tavern, Chicago