Highlights of the Year

|Highlights of the Year
21 09, 2016

UCC Coffee – Free Training Programme.

NEW - The Total Coffee Solution Partner to the Irish Pub Sector. As the leading total coffee solution specialists, UCC work with IPG members to create tailored coffee experiences to fit your business, exceed commercial expectations and satisfy consumer tastes. They understand every small but important details for the publican. From branded or bespoke blends, to world-class coffee machines, round-the-clock 365 servicing, maintenance and unique training programmes. With detailed market insight, a category management approach to Irish Pubs Global Members, bespoke branding expertise and a passionate team to back it up, they can help you stay on-trend and ahead of the curve. Pubs are becoming one of the most popular places to grab a coffee. UCC deliver a full-service solution for IPG Members to maximise your revenue with your UCC-trained staff. www.ucc-coffee.co.uk [www.ucc-coffee.ie] IPG Members receive a Free coffee training [...]

17 12, 2015

Highlights of the Year: Enterprise Ireland

Irish businesses, supported by Enterprise Ireland, have had a record year in 2015. While all the figures are not yet in for 2015, it looks like Irish companies, supported by Enterprise Ireland are on target to achieve impressive export gains and employment creation targets in high growth export markets such as China and the Middle East.  And that’s coming-off the back of a very successful year in 2014 when Irish companies had their best year ever in terms of exports gained of €18.6bn. The number of net jobs created as a direct result of this export gain was eight and a half thousand, the strongest net job creation ever. At grass-roots, in towns and villages across Ireland, the impact of this strong job creation out-turn is felt in such a real way; eight and a half thousand more people that [...]

16 12, 2015

Highlights of the Year: Kilcullen Kapital Partners

Kilcullen Kapital Partners has had a very successful and productive 2015, with the opening of several licensed premises and the launch of their private equity fund - the Global Village Hospitality Fund. In November, The Jar (formerly Solas) on Camden Street opened under the management of the Loyola Group, with a bold new concept and interior.  The two pubs Caffrey’s and the James Joyce in Prague were acquired in June 2015 by Kilcullen, and are trading excellently. The Global Village ICAV, a €100m Hospitality Investment Fund was launched, under the leadership of CEO Colm O’Reilly, a very experienced hospitality senior executive. This fund will focus on the hospitality sector in Ireland, Europe and United States. Kilcullen Kapital has also helped the Atlantic Youth Trust reach a truly historic milestone. Both the Irish and Northern Irish government have made a clear [...]

16 12, 2015

Highlights of the Year: Alltech

One of the biggest highlights during 2015 for Alltech on the beverage side of the business was the acquisition of Cumberland Breweries Ltd. This expansion provided us with brewing facilities in Newry, Northern Ireland and in Great Corby, Cumbria, England and represented the first step outside of the USA, brewing for the first time in Ireland. With a capacity to produce 40,000 hectolitres, the two new breweries added several new brands, including Finn Lager and Foxes Rock Ale, to the growing Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company portfolio. Speaking to Conor Farrell, sales manager for Europe, Irish Pubs Global discovered some of the exciting plans the company have brewing for 2016. “Having extended our beverage offering, we have also expanded our beverage team with six dedicated sales staff now on board promoting our American and Irish variants,” said Farrell. “Looking ahead [...]

16 12, 2015

Highlights of the Year: Tourism Ireland

Tourism Ireland is delighted to be associated with this year’s record number of overseas visitors to the island of Ireland. As a North-South body established as part of the Good Friday Agreement, it is very encouraging to see all parts of the island, North and South, participating in this very strong recovery with visitors overall growing in double digits. Peter Nash, Head of Strategy at Tourism Ireland says that “We know that visiting the pub is an important part of the Ireland experience and is frequently cited by departing visitors as a highlight of their trip. We also know that the Irish pub operators in our key overseas markets act as an ‘ambassador’ for Ireland and the pubs themselves are a superb ‘showcase’ for many aspects of the Irish cultural experience. For these reasons we really value our connection with [...]