8 03, 2019

The Irish Village Dubai is Recruiting More Irish Staff

Ever wanted to live and work in the sand, sea and sun-kissed super-city of Dubai? Now is your chance this Sunday 11th March. The award-winning Irish Village Dubai is looking for service staff to join its amazing venue in tax-free Dubai where they have the largest number of Irish staff working in their bars anywhere in the world outside of Ireland. The team at Irish Village Dubai which is now working on opening its third venue and are looking to add even more to the authenticity of their bars by coming to Ireland to recruit more Irish staff on Sunday March 11th in Dublin City Centre. Historically, Irish pubs are renowned throughout the world for their vibrant and friendly atmosphere, full of character and characters and above all, a place where you immediately feel at home. The Irish Village in Dubai [...]

31 10, 2017

4 Steps to An Effective Talent Pipeline

Having an effective talent pipeline is key for hiring in the hospitality industry. If you need to hire today or for the holiday season, you’re already two months too late. It’s important to get a head start on hiring for the holiday season and beyond. Why start to pipeline talent? There is no reason that hiring for 2018 should be left until January. New Year’s Resolutions never work out because people make too many changes, too quickly. Hiring is no different. Without time for preparation, you’re setting yourself up for poor results. Hence, January shouldn’t be the beginning of something new – it should be a continuation of your workflow. 4 Steps to an Effective Talent Pipeline Determine who your critical hires are Pipeline talent not just for senior roles, but for any positions that are critical to the business. Determine what these roles are, then think about [...]

3 10, 2017

4 Ways To Attract Open Talent To Your Hospitality Role

When we talk about open or passive Talent, we’re talking about the candidates that are comfortably employed but open to new opportunities. They are not actively looking for new jobs but they are receptive to learning about them. Not only are they generally good performers but they make up over two thirds of the workforce. In the latest of our Open Talent Series, we focus on the hospitality industry, which faces a shortage of skilled Talent and a turnover rate higher than most. Here are 4 ways to attract open Talent to your hospitality role. Consider the candidate’s journey If open candidates are to be converted to hires, you need to ensure that you’re easily accessible. Over 90% of candidates won’t complete an application if the process is not mobile optimised or takes more than 2 steps.  Our research shows that career sites are the most used [...]

29 09, 2017

Attract the best staff and save on hiring costs with Jobbio

What makes a great Irish pub? A perfectly poured pint of Guinness for sure. Some might say a great Irish breakfast. But the experts know that the true secret to success is a brilliant bar server, with the ability to make every customer feel right at home. Irish Pubs Global and Jobbio have teamed up to create a unique careers channel that ensures talent knows exactly where in the world their bartending skills are required. Jobbio is a careers marketplace that connects smart companies with smart people. This partnership creates a dynamic channel where the 7,000 Irish Pubs Global members can showcase their live roles, their opportunities and attract only the most welcoming of staff. Commenting on the launch of this new Irish Pubs Global Job Channel, CEO of Irish Pubs Global Colm O'Reilly said 'We are delighted to announce [...]