29 09, 2017

Attract the best staff and save on hiring costs with Jobbio

What makes a great Irish pub? A perfectly poured pint of Guinness for sure. Some might say a great Irish breakfast. But the experts know that the true secret to success is a brilliant bar server, with the ability to make every customer feel right at home. Irish Pubs Global and Jobbio have teamed up to create a unique careers channel that ensures talent knows exactly where in the world their bartending skills are required. Jobbio is a careers marketplace that connects smart companies with smart people. This partnership creates a dynamic channel where the 7,000 Irish Pubs Global members can showcase their live roles, their opportunities and attract only the most welcoming of staff. Commenting on the launch of this new Irish Pubs Global Job Channel, CEO of Irish Pubs Global Colm O'Reilly said 'We are delighted to announce [...]

26 09, 2017

Introducing The Global Hospitality Tech Summit 2018

This month, The Restaurants Association of Ireland proudly launched the first ever Global Hospitality Tech Summit. The conference will be held on the 6th and 7th of February, 2018 in City West, Dublin. Working alongside Food and Bev Live, their objective is to provide you with the tools, ideas and networking opportunities you need to build your restaurant or foodservice business. Through speakers, breakout sessions and panel discussions, the conference aims to transform the way in which hospitality industry professionals attract customers, run their businesses and set themselves apart from the competition. Themes that Global Hospitality Tech Summit 2018 will explore include:  The Game-Changing Innovations and Trends for 2018  How Technology is Revolutionizing Customer Engagement Building Loyalty Through Technology Digital Marketing: Using the Right Channels to Promote Your Brand Disrupt or be Disrupted  The Future of Mobile POS [...]

25 04, 2017

The Essential Guide to Social Media For Your Pub

Creating and maintaining an online presence for your business in the current digital age is a necessity. Joining social media sites enables you to promote your business to a massive audience at relatively no cost. It’s basically free advertising! You don’t need to hire a social media manager to handle this; you can manage it yourself or get your team involved, using our helpful guide to get started and develop your social media marketing strategy. Don’t try to be everywhere. It can be tempting to set your pub up on every new social platform but this will only increase pressure on you to maintain activity across all of them. Choose the platform which you receive the most engagement and biggest return from, and focus on that. If you are not currently set up on any social networks, I would recommend [...]

15 12, 2016

Dobiquity can transform how publicans work

Dobiquity is revolutionising daily work life in pubs by helping operators to digitise multiple operational activities from a single platform. Research shows that hospitality enterprises, and especially pubs, lag far behind other sectors when it comes to digitisation. That’s probably not all too surprising though, given that the focus in our industry tends to be on the ‘here and now’ and this often prevents publicans from exploring more strategic issues like digitisation. Recent scoping research amongst pub managers highlighted five main reasons why apps and other digital solutions aren’t being more frequently used and the key blockages, with some sample comments, are shown: Fear of the unknown – ‘how will the apps work in practice, will they distract people from their work?’ Security/stability concerns – ‘what if the technology fails or we get hacked?’ Happy with the status quo – ‘why [...]

15 11, 2016

Gr8niteout connects customers with the Irish hospitality sector

Gr8niteout is an innovative new website that makes it possible for drinks to be bought from around the world and enjoyed in any pub/bar/hotel registered to the Gr8niteout website. We Irish have been leaving Ireland for hundreds of years and settling in every corner of the globe but our hearts belong to Ireland. Today through social media we stay in contact with our loved ones, our friends and our local pubs. We know what’s happening in our friends lives, what’s going on in our towns and what events are on in the local pubs. Social media keeps us connected.  We see our pubs packed to the rafters at Christmas, Easter, and in the Summer family members return, tourists arrive and business is booming. A few short weeks later and pubs are empty, holidays are over and everyone leaves. For any pub [...]

18 10, 2016

Dobiquity: Hospitality Apps Partner to Irish Pubs Global

Dobiquity: Hospitality Apps Partner to Irish Pubs Global. The award-winning Dobiquity Apps are providing smart hospitality owners with brilliant and unique insight to their own business, their customers, their staff and helping reduce paperwork etc for staff training. Dobiquity Apps are a must-have for any Irish pub who quickly and easily wants to audit their customer service, collect customer feedback, survey their customers or streamline the management of on-the-job training. Irish Pubs Global Members receive 3 months full access absolutely free. Contact for your free 3 months trial. Your browser does not support iframes.

15 09, 2016

Should Your Pub Have Its Own Mobile App?

Just a few years ago, buying a legacy POS system for a 150-seat pub would have set you back anywhere from $25,000-$35,000 or more plus punitive annual service contracts. The hardware was clunky and static and most of the back-end software felt like it had been designed to frustrate rather than help the operator. Roll forward to 2016 and the total outlay for the same size pub is probably less than $5,000, requiring maybe six iPads loaded with intuitive software and a €100-€200 monthly license fee to a cloud-based provider including regular updates. There is no doubt anymore about the pace at which technology is moving and changing the way we operate our pubs and restaurants every day. From cloud-based POS and scheduling software to social and digital media, there are a host of online tools available to us that [...]