The last two decades have seen a marked increase in the number of authentic Irish pubs opening all over the world. Though the style of the Irish pub has changed throughout the years and the economic downturn has seen the closure of many pub design companies, the key producer of the Irish Pub Concept remains, Ol Irish Pubs Ltd. With over forty years’ experience creating these spaces, they have designed and built over two hundred beautifully authentic Irish themed pubs and restaurants throughout the world.

A Dublin based company that not only produces Irish themed pubs but ensures that every element of it is 100% Irish! With their in-house design team based beside Dublin International Airport and their workshops based in Louth, they guarantee bespoke, high quality design and craftsmanship.

Having worked across many countries and cultures, they understand the importance of creating a unique space that fits their client’s specific needs and budget. Their success is driven by their simple, core belief, “Listening, Delivering”. By taking the time to listen to their client’s needs, throughout the timeline of each build, they deliver the client’s vision as it evolves with the project. There are no surprises or hidden costs with any of their designs and their process is simple and straight forward. By treating each project with the understanding of the huge risk involved in this style of investment they have put measures in place so as to minimise them. They even go as far as asking each client to do a credit check on them so that they know their investment is in safe hands. Each project starts off with a set fee contract that clearly outlines exactly what they will do and when we will achieve it by. Throughout this time, until project completion, they maintain regular client contact, making them fully aware of the build progress at each step of the process. This communication includes timeline updates, images of the materials being made in their workshops, updates on design and important dates such as when they will ship the materials and be onsite to fit them.

This process and the fact that they have never missed a deadline or gone over budget on any project, has resulted in excellent client satisfaction and has resulted in 80% of their business being repeat. From speaking with their Managing Director, Mr. John Heverin, “We feel that each of our previous clients make better sales reps than ourselves as they always speak volumes of our work. We are so confident in our work that we will give you the name of every client we have worked with so that you can contact them direct!”

From speaking with John it is clear that it is not a job for them, it’s a passion! “We love the atmosphere that a successfully designed Irish pub creates and we take great pride in the knowledge that we can create this time and time again. After all, it is the atmosphere and craic that turns your customers into regulars. We may be the experts in Irish pub design, however it’s the client’s vision that we create. We can work with any space, from a concrete shell building through to a pub refurbishment.”