Thankfully, PEL Recycling, a Mayo based company, are finding unique solutions to problems such as this with a radical new glass crusher that fits snuggly under the counter of any bar. Known as the ‘Baby Jaws’ (click on the image) this glass crusher reduces waste by a volume of 5:1. The immediate benefit for pub owner is that this machine allows bar staff to handle the glass from behind the bar; giving pub owners huge savings in waste expenditure as well as reducing the amount of storage space needed for waste. We spoke to Tommy Griffith, owner of PEL, about this innovative product.

“If you take a place, like the Porterhouse or Lillie’s Bordello in Dublin, their issue is upstairs. During a busy night they would have to take wheelie bins out through the crowds. They now have the Baby Jaws in under the bars, so they have enough storage for glass for the whole night. It is the first [glass crusher] machine world-wide, which can fit underneath the bar counter;” says Tommy

An engineer by profession, with a farming background, Tommy set up PEL back in 2002. Feeling that the marketplace for new agricultural products was completely saturated, Tommy turned his attention to recycling; looking for innovative ways in which to reduce waste.

“We began with balers for cardboard, plastics and reducing recyclables. Then, in 2005, we invented a bottle crusher. This was designed around issues nightclubs were having with bottle volume. So we looked at designing a product that would reduce the volume and therefore reduce the cost of disposal;” says Tommy.

The beauty of Baby Jaws, according to Tommy, is that it “it cuts down labor costs with regards to employing someone to segregate all the bottles, now the bar staff are doing it, plus you will cut down the volume for disposal, so instead of putting out five bins, you’re putting out one. That helps you to be cost effective with your staff time;” says Tommy.

Tommy adds that there is no need to segregate the bottles first before using the Baby Jaws; “What happens is that the glass is mixed, it goes to the recycling plant and there it is segregated using laser technology;” says Tommy.

Further benefits are outlined by Tommy; such as the way in which the Baby Jaws helps the environment, by reducing a lorry driver’s carbon footprint; “Now lorry drivers are removing a total volume and not air. Whereas before the lorry driver was travelling to ten pubs in one day, now they can travel to fifty, so it is a knock on effect.”

The Baby Jaws is something of a godsend to pub owners within city centers who have very little space to place wheelie-bins, as Tommy points out; “Let’s say that the waste-company couldn’t collect on a Friday, that would mean the pub would be paralyzed for the weekend because they had no storage space, whereas now if the waste company don’t collect, so what? You have now four to five weeks extra storage anyway.”

Some of the companies that have availed of PEL Recycling equipment include The Radisson Blu, which has PEL Recycling equipment in each one of their hotels and Pel have reduced their waste costs by 60% Other Pel clients include The Holiday Inn and Hilton Hotels.

Some of PEL’s awards include Finalist of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2009, winner of the IEA Irish exporter of the year in 2008, finalists in the Small Firms Association 2008 and the Shell award for Innovation 2006 amongst others.

To see the Baby Jaws in action, click on the picture to the left. For further information onPEL and the Baby Jaws, you can visit the PEL website here or contact the company directly at +353(0)949366923.