Since 1995, Fitzpatrick’s family-run Irish Pub in the beautiful old town of Montpellier, has been delighting customers in the sunny South of France. With their balcony giving wonderful views over the stunning Chambre de Commerce, their pub is a real favourite hangout for locals and visitors alike. They serve creamy pints of Guinness and cold beers as well as a good selection of Irish whiskeys to happy customers. They are hugely passionate about all types of sport and are renowned as one of the best places in Montpellier to watch big sporting events whether that’s  football, gaelic, rugby or even cricket! Keeping customers consistently happy is no mean feat. Nicholas Holmes, owner and founder of this family run pub is adamant that innovation and hard work lie behind Fitzpatrick’s success. Despite basking in the sun for more than 20 years, Fitzpatrick’s customer service has remained very Irish. “You can never take your eye off the ball, in our business that’s all about understanding our customers” says Nicholas.

Traditional market research methods simply haven’t kept up with the pace of change. Existing tools like mystery shoppers and surveys don’t work as effectively as is needed. The data collected can’t be translated into successful consumer-centred action. We’ve started using a new local system lately and I’ve found it’s really helped us better understand our own customers. Qwesteo is a powerful combination of bespoke patented hardware and software that enables people to give instant feedback on a product or service with no strings attached. Consumers want to be heard and are happy to participate in generating large quantities of data about their experience.

Qwesteo, a fast growing Montpellier-based company has created a new and unique way of gathering & interpreting large amounts of valuable consumer feedback on site in real time. Consumers are not always understood and yet they expect and want to be heard. Unfortunately you can’t always have your ear to the ground. Nicholas, an incorrigible early adopter for new technology, immediately grasped the potential of using Qwesteo in Fitzpatrick’s.

Each autonomous device is programmed online with a series of simple questions. Customers answer a few short rotating questions about their visit by pressing one of four ‘smiley’ options. You quickly cumulate qualified data to truly understand the consumer experience. Using powerful analytical tools immediate action can be taken to make improvements in the pub in a continuous virtuous consumer-centric cycle with the enthusiastic support of all the staff.

This system has helped us stay ahead of the competition because we have live information about how our customers are feeling about their experience in the pub. That way if something goes wrong to effect the customer’s satisfaction, we can tell straight away there’s a problem and go about correcting it. I like being able to deliver the best possible service to our customers that we can as we rely on repeat business from loyal and appreciated customers. 

Fitzpatrick's Irish Pub

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