Winner of The Most Authentic Irish Pub outside of Ireland, Temple Bar, located in the north Italian town of Bolzano, has remained true to its identity as a Genuine Irish Pub from the day it opened its doors.

What is the history of the pub?
Temple Bar started pulling its pints in October 2006 after completing the transformation of an old Tea and Hot Chocolate bar in the historical centre of the old town. Bolzano is a city where there are two languages spoken, German and Italian, so by opening a pub where we only spoke English it immediately appealed to all who appreciate the idea of a true intercultural/national bar.

The goal when opening the bar was to remain true to our beliefs of what an Irish Pub should be, a Home from Home for all. Throughout the years we have worked hard at getting people to understand the ways of a Genuine Irish Pub. The rewards have been fantastic, as we have seen year on year growth and the future looking very bright. Over these years we have experienced some very memorable occasions which are great to look back at. All the newborns, graduations and anniversaries, weddings and the odd wake, reunions with old friends and the saying goodbye to others, the celebrations of winning the cups or leagues and of course all the live music nights. But one of the best nights will always be the winning of the Irish Pubs Global Award for Most Authentic Irish Pub outside of Ireland. Our customers take so much pride in the award, showing it to their friends, having photos taken with it. They too feel a huge sense of achievement.

What does it mean to you and for the Temple Bar to be the winner of the Authenticity Award?
It’s an extraordinary achievement for such a small pub located in a small city where we have very few ex-pats. It shows you what myself, Stephen, and Tanya have created over the past nine years is a real Genuine Irish Pub. From the start we wanted our pub to be recognised for it’s character and warmth and feeling, for the connection it has with it’s customers, by creating a 2nd home for them. This award is not just for our efforts, but for the customers who have stepped through our doors over the past nine years. Whether they be tourists passing through, students on Erasmus, foreigners working in Bolzano, or as the majority of our customers are, locals just looking for a place to relax and enjoy a drink, they have all helped in one way or another build Temple Bar to what it is today “An Institution”.

What’s up next?
Well the Rugby World Cup was a huge success so we will continue to build on that and be prepared for another bumper Six Nations. Christmas is coming so that will be another busy period. But our ultimate goal would to be have a place in the mountains, serving up traditional Irish cuisine with a mix of the local all finished off with a good auld session.