Temple Bar remains lively, but pub owners around Ireland are worried.

It’s more bad news from the pub trade here in Ireland, as the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland reports a 14.1% decline in the first seven months of 2010 as the nation continues its economic crisis. [Visit the DIGI website.]

DIGI chair Kieran Tobin says that pubs are in crisis, with pub closures and job losses looming.

‘The 14.1% decline in the value of pub sales in the first seven months of 2010 comes on top of an 8.8% decline in 2009. Of particular concern are the ongoing prospects of weak consumer demand for the immediate future and the ongoing cost pressure being generated by Government-related costs such as commercial rates and regulation. As a consequence, the sector is in a crisis situation.

‘This is part of a wider trend of decline in the on-trade over the last decade that has seen the volume of bar sales fall 25% since 2000.

‘In the short to medium term there is absolutely no sign of market conditions improving for the pub trade. Rather the likelihood is that current trends will continue forcing many publicans out of business and thousands of subsequent job losses.’

DIGI says that the organisation will work with the government to identify stimulus measures to help support the hospitality industry and boost the wider economy.

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