Quick Response Code, or a QR Code, is the cutting edge tool your Irish Pub can use to differentiate itself and to connect to its customers to its message more effectively The code can lead you anywhere, to a video of the dish of the month being prepared, or a tour of the vineyard your wine menus comes with a responsive recommendation between what food items your customer chooses and the drink they order. We have fifteen specific tips for your Irish Pub Restaurant to use QR codes to market effectively, and do something a bit different than the norm.

1. Take Out

Have a QR code that links to a downloadable take out menu by your door. Customers can take it with them and always have it on their phone—and it will cut down on the cost of extra menu printing. If you have a delivery option, put a QR code on your drivers car with a decal promoting your Irish Pub’s take out option.

2. The story of your Irish pub

Put the history of your Irish Pub in your customer’s hands. On each tabletop have a stand with the code connecting to an anecdote behind the name of your pub or the message your brand wants to connect to.

3. Recipe

Include a recipe for your famous Irish Soda Bread or a specialty cocktail. Consider including a video that shows your customers the detail you put into preparing their food.

4. Social Media

QR Codes are a great way to connect your guests to your accounts on Facebook, Yelp and Twitter-but to make them take notice and have meaningful traffic on your social media channels, engage them. Why not offer them ‘half off a menu item’ if they ‘like’ your Facebook page, ‘check in’ and upload a photo of them enjoying their meal, in exchange for a chance to win a free meal in the future.

5. Nutritional Information

While all restaurants don’t embrace the idea of listing every calorie in their menu items, why not make it optional? Put a QR code on your menu for customers with specific dietary requirements and put the information in your customers hands.

6. Interviews

Creating a relationship between your staff and customers, keeps your punters coming back. Why not have an interview about each of your staff, including a behind the scenes look at your head chef. Every time they scan the code a new interview will come up, and this will make your guests feel like they know more about your staff and more at home in the environment of your Irish Pub.

7. Upcoming events

Create a new channel of information for your upcoming events. For example feature your Paddy’s Day menu, drinks specials and band line up in one place. Alternatively, if you put up a poster with an event in another location, add a QR code linking to your address on Google Maps.

8. Receipt

If you have a customer survey printed on your website, linking your guests to a website, consider trying out a QR code on the receipt instead. This is a more immediate way of directing guests and getting a more honest feedback before they toss their receipt.

9. Educate

Do you have something special about your Irish Pub? Use a QR code to educate your punters. Perhaps you offer only organic food, and can trace the farm where your meat comes from or you fly your sauces over from your mothers home village in Ireland; this can be communicated effectively with a direct link.

10. Products

If you have your own products you make from your Irish pub—such as a specialty beer—include a QR code on the label, with information about the way it was made and details about ordering it.

11. Outdoor

Put a QR code outside your establishment. This let’s passerby’s who have never set foot in your Irish Pub check out your menu and photos before deciding to head inside.

12. Branding

Include branding in your QR code, it is possible to break the code and include a shamrock or something Irish in the codes layout so make it fun and personalize it-your customers will appreciate something different.

13. Surprise

Let your punters be surprised by printing a QR code on the wall in an unexpected place, and let them discover it in the bathroom behind a pillar, or in the corner of the mirror, with a link to something that will make them smile.

14. Opening soon

When opening a new Irish Pub and the windows are boarded up with construction, as well as a ‘Coming Soon’ sign, include a QR Code that let’s locals know why they should be excited to come to your big opening.

15. Local Companies

Partner with a local taxi company and create a QR code that offers a 10% discount when it is scanned to call a cab. This allows you, and your partner company, to see the traffic and can afford you a certain percentage of advertising for the taxi company.